#FastFoodFriday: Burger King’s Bulgogi Chicken Review: More like Bugouji (不够鸡)


It’s a Friday… You know what that means!!!


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And so…I’ll be packing it up and seeing you guys next week.


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Just kidding.

It’s #FreshFruitFriYay, and we’ll be reviewing… Japanese Sekai Ichi apples that are 2100 Yen each…

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Just kidding.

Goody Feed ain’t got the budget for this.

It’s #FriedChickenFridays, and we’ll be reviewing…

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Burger King’s Bulgogi Chicken (2pcs for S$2.80)

If you’d read yesterday’s #ThirstyThursday, of course you would have seen this coming already.

According to Burger King, this is part of the Starbuys list, a “crispy Korean-style fried-to-perfection Bulgogi Chicken. Chicken lovers who like their chicken the Korean way will relish every bite they take.”

Is it really the KFC of our dreams? What’s the Korean way of liking chicken?

So many questions, only one way to find out.


Oh yeah, it’s fried chicken time.

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First thing to note, is that although the pieces are technically two pieces, it’s really one wing split into two.

The drumlet
The wing

There’s also no sauce, so it’s just marinated and fried chicken.

Because we live in a sad world where some of us might not know what chicken looks like, here’s a pic of a chicken wing cut into three sections:

Image: FMITK

And here’s a chicken:

Most of them aren’t this huge, actually. / Image: Giphy

And here’s Colonel Sanders bleeding ketchup from his eyes and mouth just because:

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Taste Test

As with any chicken freshly fried, there’s really no complains to be had here about the crispiness.

The question is: does it bring the taste of bulgogi? Does it taste like “fire meat” (the literal translation for bulgogi), and does it bring the taste of grill or BBQ?




If you just stuffed it freshly fried into the mouth of some random person, they’d probably scream because it’s freshly fried and too darn hot, but also because a stranger just stuffed it into their mouth.

I mean, if a random person tried it, they wouldn’t think it’s Bulgogi chicken. It’d just be Burger King’s fried chicken that’s a little different than usual, a little bit more of that chilli flavour and a little bit of seaweed like umami.

But Bulgogi? Nah.

It’s hard to say that there is anything Korean tasting about this, so this is quite a disappointment.

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And at the price of S$2.80… it’s a hard buy.


To be fair, it is still a crispy piece of delicious fried chicken. Though they call themselves Bulgogi, I’d have to instead say this is a Bugouji 不够鸡 (not enough chicken).

It gets a pass because hey. Fried chicken’s always good in some ways.

Rating: 2.5/5