#FastFoodFriday: KFC Chicken Ham & Cheese Meltz Review: It Ain’t No Meltz, But It’s Pretty Good


Another FastFoodFriday, another day of chugging oil as part of my diet, and another lesson on the history of a thing you didn’t know you wanted to learn.

I’m talking about the hmmm so good KFC Cheesy Meltz.

It’s practically the best item on KFC alongside the Zinger burger. And then, of course, the bestest best item of all time is the Zinger Mozzarella Burger that never came back because people don’t know how to appreciate good things.

And only the Zinger Burger is left on the menu, for no good reason.

KFC, tell me why~?

Ain’t nothing but a bad day.

KFC Cheesy Meltz. It’s the best of everything in one wrap. The crispy chicken, the oozy cheese, the refreshing tomatoes, tortilla chips inside for texture, a tangy sauce to cover the gaps and a thin wrapping that makes everything one.

It’s like, the best parts of Zinger Burger and Cheese Fries had a baby, and it’s glorious.

Goku and Vegeta fused together for a reason.

(It could be nostalgia talking to me, or it was really that good.)

What this means is that: a new menu item calling itself a Meltz brings high expectations.

Look at the new menu item claiming the Meltz name. It looks good, I’ll give you that. But is a Chicken Ham & Cheese Meltz going to be better than the original?

Image: KFC

It’s only available for breakfast, S$6.25 for a set that comes with a cup of coffee and a hash brown. Good news: freshly prepared in-store is 100% true, and they cook to order.

The “tear here” instruction is pretty confusing because it feels like there’s no purpose. What about the opening…? Why do I need to tear?

And then, of course, the most easily tearable part is not on the “Tear here” line, but on the plastic (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻.



But let’s put the flipped table back ┬──┬◡ノ(° -°ノ) and examine the Meltz itself.

It looks disappointingly thin, but it has good toastage (I don’t care if that’s not a word).


And because I’m a pervert, I like to see what’s underneath the Meltz.

No, don’t get too excited. The red and white part outside the Meltz isn’t a huge slice of salami or Parma ham, even though it really looks like that. It’s just the wrapping absorbing some of that oil.

And that’s when I realised… They forgot the tomatoes!


As a tomato lover, my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

Image: Me.me

Or not.

How Does It Taste?

The fact is, something as simple as eggs and ham wrapped together with cheese can’t taste bad.

The boss editor gave this a 5 star. He doesn’t remember whether the tomatoes are in his. A man of simple pleasures.


I can’t fault people for liking this. It’s a solid breakfast item that’s balanced in its saltiness, dense in energy to start the day, and tastes good with the cheese giving a good savoury touch that covers up for what the eggs are lacking.

The eggs are a little disappointing, because they tasted like powdered eggs; meaning they lack the creaminess that fresh eggs have.

A comparison to this would be a simple ham and scrambled egg sandwich that’s pretty easy to cook.

Butter, salt for the eggs. Toss in a pan with low heat and stir constantly. Add cream or milk or creme fraiche or sour cream for a finish if feeling luxurious. Toast your bread and lightly toast your ham. Add cheese if needed.

Assemble with a slice of tomato. Because it is very simple to make, a Meltz like this automatically gets minus points.

But then, the question is whether this is then worthy of the Meltz name.

No. The original was better.

Image: Know Your Meme

At S$6.25, it may not be the Meltz you were looking for, nor is it the perfect ham and egg sandwich, but it’s still a solid breakfast item.


Rating: 3.25/5