#FastFoodFriday: KFC New Supersized Zinger Burger Review: Looks Big But Tastes Small


On 15 Oct 2019, KFC dropped this bomb on us:

Image: KFC

Ahhh yes. Mighty. KFC wants us to believe that size does matter.

And that the Mighty Zinger Burger will be “Big on size. Bigger on taste.” They want us to believe this is 5 inches YUUUUGE.

Image: Giphy

Inches? INCHES?

What is this? America?

Jk I love you Americans. Imperial is still dumb though. / Image: Giphy

So anyway, 5 inches is 12.7 cm, because actual, civilised people use the metric system.

But Is It Really 5 Inches

*resists urge on peepee size and she said jokes*

And so, of course, we would be bringing out the rulers and protractors-

Just kidding. We don’t have a ruler in the entire office. Why do you think we’re doing #FastFoodFridays instead of #FrenchFlavoursFriday.

So we have a Samsung S7, which is 5.1 inches for comparison.

Enough money for a phone, not enough money for a ruler.

And here’s the burger right beside a Zinger Stacker:

(Yes I know I didn’t really answer the question of whether it is 5 inches but you get the size. We didn’t have a banana for scale.)

So on the surface, it does look somewhat huge.

But it also revealed a flaw:


The Zinger patty doesn’t cover the entire 5-inch bun.

Editor: Why do you keep going back to 5 inches? What happened to the metric system?

Me: You shut your mouth on the details. You can’t measure freedom with the metric system.

Image: en.webfail.com

So anyway, I took out my burger restoring knife to return the burger to its original shape.

(God knows why we have a knife in the office but no ruler)


And this is what the burger looks like.

Some People Say It’s Not About The Length, It’s The Thickness

*resists the urge to insert peepee reference*

And so, the thickness reveal!


I have to say… it doesn’t look very thick?

This was what was supposed to be in the burger: Five-inch oat bran buns, an upsized 120g Zinger fillet, crispy turkey bacon, sliced cheddar, smoky Texan BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, the red onions, and fresh lettuce.

And I guess they did technically deliver on everything. I mean, they did say the bun is 5 inches… not the meat…

But How Did It Taste?

To be fair, at S$6.80 a pop compared to the S$4.90 for a normal Zinger, the Mighty Zinger is a decent upgrade.


It tastes like Zinger, with the added touch of onions, BBQ sauce and a nice added saltiness of turkey bacon plus cheese.

*resists urge on mayonnaise jokes*

Because of the vegetable:bun:meat ratio, it also tastes surprisingly balanced.

But you need to ask your heart: what did you really want to buy a Mighty Zinger burger for?

Look at this image below! This is All Might. You really think “Mighty” is an adjective you can just slap onto something and not have the expectation for it to be big, powerful and aweinspiring?

Image: Gamespot

Look into your deepest desire! I know you want more fried chicken from a name like the Mighty Zinger.

Did you want a SUPERSIZED Zinger, full of shameful, greasy eating that you can do finger licking good actions and then laugh at the Health Promotion Board? Or did you want a Zinger that is a simple upgrade?

Because what we have here is an upgraded Zinger, and something I’d have a hard time calling a Mighty Zinger.

For more fried chicken, get the Zinger Stacker instead. It’s even the same price, and has at least 1.5x more fried chicken than the Mighty Zinger.


Rating: 3/5

It’s still a pass, because at least it’s an okay burger.