#FastFoodFriday: KFC’s Mac ‘N Cheese Zinger Review: A Super Messy Burger That Sparks Joy

When we received the press release for KFC’s new item, the fat boss threw his credit card onto BuffLord95’s table and said, “Review this sinful item.”

BuffLord95, who was seated next to me, then said to me, “Friday’s coming, so we’ve got to review a fast food item. I’ll treat you this.” He showed me KFC’s Mac N’Cheese Zinger image. “You eat and review, onz?”

I shook my head immediately. No way am I going to down countless calories just for a monthly salary. “Ask Dream. She’s so skinny.”

“But she’s not a writer.”

“Nevermind one lah, no one reads our stuff anyways.”

Dream looked at the image and puked. “I feel like I’ve gained two kilogrammes just by looking at it.”

Lest you’re not aware of what we’re talking about…

KFC just released the Mac ‘N Cheese Zinger, and it’s a Zinger patty sandwiched between two fried Mac ‘N Cheese patties.

Image: Facebook (KFC)

While the conversation above might not have taken place, it’s true that all of us were reluctant to review this sinful monster, for it looks like it packs enough calories to last us for ten years.

So, we drew lots and let’s just say that the year of the pig isn’t exactly a good start for me.

First Look

This sentence really came out from Dream’s mouth: “Yucks, what the f*** is this?!”

As you can see, this is a prime example of expectations vs reality.


Image: KFC


Our photographer was having trouble trying to find a perfect angle: holding the entire burger itself is a challenge, and I can’t imagine how I could eat it.


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It definitely didn’t pass the “looks department”, for even the inside of the Mac ‘N Cheese patty doesn’t look like a Mac ‘N Cheese.

But a fat wise man once said, “Things that look like shit and are messy like shit usually taste heavenly.”

I’m inclined to believe him and so, I took a bite…

Taste Test

…and failed to bite it like a burger.

Even with my unusually big mouth, I couldn’t get my teeth into everything: instead, things started to drop out of the burger, from the bacon to the Zinger patty. If Marie Kondo were here, she would have gone apeshit.

The Mac ‘N Cheese isn’t like the usual ones we’ve come to love: it’s a tad dry and extremely salty, and I’m wondering if they’ve used salt to coat them. With the dryness and crispiness of the coat, I couldn’t really enjoy the softness of the Mac ‘N Cheese—if they’re soft in the first place.

Maybe it’s because I have it one or two hours after we bought it, but still, that’s no excuse. It’s not like I’ve microwaved it.

Not wanting to waste my calories on yucky food, I decided to give it a try again, this time placing everything in order that’ll make the imaginary Marie Kondo who’s standing next to me proud.

With everything intact, I widened my mouth and took a bite, delving into every ingredient that’s supposed to be there.

And surprisingly, it became heavenly.

Zinger has never failed, and the Mac ‘N Cheese, while dry on its own, complements the crispy yet greasy Zinger patty pretty well. While it feels a little weird and way too savoury, the balance of saltiness on the Mac ‘N Cheese with the spiciness of the Zinger patty is paired to perfection.

Although I do feel like I’ve gained six kilogrammes with every bite.

It’s too bad that by the time I realised that I have to eat a burger like a burger, I’m left with almost just 1/4 of it.

But overall, if you can bite the entire thing with one bite, it’s yet another successful KFC new item.

Though I’ve got to admit that while it sparks joy, it also sparks weight gain after I’m done with it.

Is it worth a try? I’ll say go for it, though you’d have to make sure that you arrange the burger nicely first before taking a bite. And since it’s three fried patties, I’ll suggest that you just have it once, for the sake of your health and for our national battle against diabetes.

Especially so when you’ve got so many pineapple tarts just a week ago.

Rating: 4/5