#FastFoodFriday: Long John Silver’s Jolly Christmas Roast: Stick To The Usual Stuff Instead

It’s Friday again and that means it’s time for Fast Food Friday! For today, we will be reviewing Long John Silver’s Jolly Christmas Roast.

A first look at their platter already shows that it’s rather unappetising. It is clearly very different from the promotional poster where everything looks so good. Then again, everything looks good on promotional posters. What you get, on the other hand, is often quite disappointing in looks. But nevertheless, we shall judge it based on its taste.

For this Jolly Christmas Roast, it’s supposed to come with a roasted chicken leg, some classic gravy, turkey bacon, mashed potatoes, and crispy corn.

Let’s take a cut into the chicken leg first. As I cut a piece of chicken, it looks to be filled with a lot of fats and skin. So for those of you who like to eat chicken skin, you might take a liking to this.

The chicken is soft and quite tender, but overall just tastes like a bland chicken without the gravy. Eating it with the gravy doesn’t seem to help much either.

Moving on to the turkey bacon. The turkey bacon is not at all crispy like what I expected. Its consistency is somewhat similar to turkey ham instead of turkey bacon.

And the crispy corn. I don’t even know where to begin. I’m used to eating corn as it is, and I’ve never really had the thought of frying corn, so taking a bite of this just opened another world, that I probably wouldn’t enter again.

I don’t know if it’s because we called for delivery, but the “crispy” corn that came was in fact just soggy batter surrounding corn. But the corn had a slightly weird consistency to it too. The batter of the corn tasted very similar to the batter on their other fried dishes like the fried shrimp and the taste of the batter completely overpowers the taste of the corn.

And lastly, the mashed potatoes. I must say, their mashed potatoes were their redeeming factor. It was, to me, the best dish in this entire ensemble.

It had slight hints of chicken in it, or maybe the taste just came from the chicken leg resting on it. It had hints of sour cream and onion and it was tasted quite good, so good that I found myself veering more towards eating that than everything else.

Overall, I think Long John Silver is still better known for their fried stuff and you would be better off choosing those meals instead of this.

Rating: 1/5