#FastFoodFriday: McSpicy Deluxe Review: Worth the Deluxe Name but Not Legendary

Listen, si gina.

Let this Uncle tell you about the times when McSpicy was at the peak of its gastronomic potential. It was the times a McSpicy was more than a McSpicy. It wasn’t just a McLaoSai.

I’m talking about the legendary double McSpicy add cheese, add egg, change buns to steamed buns and then curry sauce by the side. Remember to order Milo.

Nowadays, try to order the same thing and the other si gina at the back of the counter just blur blur look back at you.

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Is this really how you want our future generations to be? To trample on our forefather’s achievements and toss them away? Where is the legendary McSpicy now?

Actually, I don’t know if that’s a thing, and I’m certainly no Uncle either, but the McSpicy is basically the most iconic Singaporean burger and there are legends about the ultimate McSpicy.

So what better way to honour the dish with a Deluxe version?

The light from the windowsill shone on the McSpicy among the darkness as if it were a message from Sterquilinus himself. Will the containment of this box be a reward for my faith, or is it just another cash grab hidden behind the manufactured smiles of Ronald McDonald?

Only one way to find out.


Any aficionado can tell you that the ingredients used here are assembled from existing burgers. Namely, the Classic Angus Cheese contributed the Tomato Jalapeno Relish. Tomatoes and white cheddar are already found in the other classic burgers.

This is no new burger! I thought as I brought the burger closer for inspection.

It’s not a terribly ugly burger, just how the dish works that it looks like a mess.

And the cross section? It’s an ugly McSpicy bun: meat ratio, with the sloping curves of the chicken thighs not conforming to the shape of the burger.

But look at the melting cheese and the fat oozing down into the patty. Is anyone going to say it doesn’t taste good? I’d have to be a special kind of snob to say this doesn’t at least make me feel hungry in a very unhealthy way.

You might have noticed the darker skin here (of the human). Here’s a disclosure: that person is Chinese.

This isn’t caused by colour manipulation of Adobe magic. It’s an actual blessing by the gods of my fellow darker skinned Asians so I’m not spending my Saturday on the toilet bowl.

Image: Giphy

Or at least I hope so. It does feel a little weird to not mention the aftermath of a McLaosai review though.

How Does It Taste?

I bit into the McSpicy, and I thought about the cheese adding a slight funk and how the tomato Jalapeno relish brought down the heat a little. I could write about all of that, but really, a McSpicy is still a McSpicy.

The end result is not disappointing, but it was like watching a 7/10 movie and walking out of the movie theatres.

It was enjoyable and daily life continues. And then remembering that there is an additional effort, you give it a 7.3/10. 2 weeks later and the movie somehow doesn’t quite remain in your memories.

Rotten Tomatoes critics dislike it for the moisture of the tomatoes taking away the crispiness of the chicken. The audience liked it because it’s a fun experience.

A reminder of its price – S$5.90 Deluxe ala carte compared to the S$5.25 of the normal McSpicy. Add cheese is S$0.60. That means I’m paying 5 cents for extra tomatoes.

I like tomatoes. Seems worth it?

Rating: Your current McSpicy score+0.15/5

Honestly, if you read this far, you probably just needed a little extra poke, so here it is: try it.