#FastFoodFriday: MOS Burger Impossible Burger Review: It’s The Future Of Humanity

It’s the year 2019, and I like to think that impossible has been removed from the English dictionary. In the future, where anything is possible and the combination of letters “impossible” is mostly seen in the phrase “I’m possible”, dictionaries will have all but replaced the entry.

Screenshot from the future. / Image: Dictionary.com

But before that happens, I guess we’ll settle for MOS Burger’s Impossible Burger selling at S$6.95.

The packaging is slapped with the Impossible sticker:

I’ve got to admit that I’ve eaten an Impossible patty before, so I already know what I’m getting into.

Look at this beauty right here:

It looks exactly like a meat patty from the outside. Peeking from the left corner: a MOS Burger for comparison.

MOS Burger Impossible Burger Construct

It’s a simple burger overall. Patty is covered in a dark sauce, topped with a generous serving of fried shallots.

The bottom has cheese.

And to test the texture, I chipped a little off. It feels very soft on the inside, though the crust is solid. Using hands to touch, it feels like a meatloaf.

And then the cross-section; overall, a solid-looking burger. Obviously, this isn’t a burger where you can call for medium-rare, so everything is well done here.

Taste Test

It tastes like meat.

There’s just nothing else much to say about Impossible burger. If Impossible Foods weren’t marketing their products so fervently, they could replace all the minced meat in the world and nobody would notice a thing.

Or maybe it’s not 100% accurate to say that.

The Impossible patty given to MOS is very soft in comparison to the one I ate before. It’s more like meatloaf with a very high percentage of non-meat ingredients like breadcrumbs.

I’m not sure if the Impossible patties they supplied to MOS are different from the ones supplied to restaurants. Though it seems plausible to tweak the formula.

But that’s really just talking about the texture. The taste is still exactly like meat.

Now, as for the actual taste of the burger disregarding the Impossible patty…

Image: Deviantart (Doutarina)

Most of the flavour is covered by the sauce, which might make it too salty for most people.

The generous serving of shallots is just hmmm. Delicious.

As mentioned before, the meatloaf texture of the patty makes it less of a burger, and more like a… uh… meatloaf with bread. Not that it’s terrible, but those who prefer their burgers with a little more bite and texture will find this not as nice.

For all intents and purposes, it’s a solid burger.

Here’s where you want me to give a rating.

But I have to ask you:

Can you really place a rating on the future of humanity?

Think about this.

And I’m not just talking about the environmental or health impacts.

If we can recreate the taste of cows without harming any cows, it means that in the future, we can recreate the taste of cats and dogs without harming any cats and dogs.

WTF are you saying. / Image: Giphy

As long as it’s a meat that’s edible, we can make it impossible.

Ever wondered what the Wooly Mammoth tastes like? Or maybe the Giant Moa? Human meat? As long as we know what it’s made of…

Hmm… I wonder if my neighbour’s cat ‘Sushi’ really tastes like Sushi.