#FastFoodFriday: MOS Burger Triple EbiFly Review: Why Can’t They Just Call it Ebi Fry


I think I already know the answer to why they don’t call it Ebi Fry, but Ebifly.

It’s not marketing.

And it’s not a clever description of the dish that it’s so good it will make you fly.

It’s because they are racist Japanese can’t differentiate between L and R sounds.

Geddit? Surprise? Because L and R don’t matter?/ Image: Giphy

Thus, in honour of the Ebi Fly, all ‘R’s in this article will be changed to an ‘L’.

Flom now on…

Ol so it might have been if not fol the powels of the editol.

So, instead, we’re back to using the normal L’s and R’s.

And here’s a story to compensate:

Japanese friendo who isn’t fluent in English: I heard you might have an early erection.

Me, in my mind, thinking: (Nani?! I didn’t know the Japanese were so… direct. Shit, does this mean it’s obvious?!)

Different scenarios go through my brain as I wonder why the question is asked. My tiny brain couldn’t handle the overload, so Japanese friendo went to the next question immediately.

Japanese friendo: So, who you voting for?

Me: Eh?

I guess, I just have the mind of NTU students. Of course, that was what that was. Btw, if you didn’t know, there are some speculations of early elections.

So anyway, we have a word limit and burgers to review.

Presenting… The Triple Ebi Fly Ebi Fry Burger…

Rice is S$4.90, bun version is S$4.40. MOS Burger with the statement saying rice is superior to buns.

See those people at the back? That’s called foreshadowing.
People from the background used Body Flicker Technique: Shunshin no Jutsu to disappear.

The first question is, why is there a lemon by the side? Naturally, this thing being a burger, my first thought is whether this lemon is edible.

After all, the entire thing is placed in the packet. Normally, people wouldn’t do crazy things like take the burger out just to take a silly photo. And they would just bite right into it, right? So they wouldn’t see the lemon and will eat it accidentally.

Maybe the lemon is specially marinated and cooked, you know?

So I took a bite of the lemon to test the theory, and I can tell you that I was wrong.

Image: TheMarySue

So anyway, here’s what the cross-section looks like.

Ninjas from the background used their Wind Cutter Technique: Sashiki no Jutsu!
A clean cut by the Ninjas. Omigotou~.

So yeah, the pictures show that it is really three Ebi Fries. Cause three prawns, though it is smaller than the ones you’re going to see in Japanese restaurants.

At this point, there’s nothing much else to do but to eat.

The Ebi Fry were dressed with a katsu sauce that’s rather salty, but when eaten with the tartare sauce, the overall bite is quite balanced. Fat from the tartare sauce helps to cut back on the saltiness of the sauce.

Not eating with any sauce is not recommended. Which is good news that they spammed that thing on the burger.

I quite enjoyed the lemon juice, which always goes well with seafood with its sourness. Though, the tartare is already quite tangy, so adjust according to your own preference.

In case you’re wondering if there are enough prawns because of the size, it’s actually sizeable enough to cover the entire burger. But of course, if you’re the type of person to ask, then the answer is usually “no” no matter the actual portion.


Texture-wise, the burger still needs work. The crust isn’t super crispy, though it’s possible that it’s because of the sauce, instead of the different batter from typical Ebi Fry.

The prawns weren’t fantastic but tasted like your typical frozen prawns cooked well.

Rice or burger? Doesn’t matter much. Go with your preference.

How does this compare to MOS Ebi burger? It’s been a long time since I ate that, so my opinion may not be accurate. But you can consider this to be a slight upgrade.

Otherwise, it’s business as usual at MOS Burger and nothing much to be excited about.


Lating – 3.5/5