#FastFoodFriday: Pizza Hut New Sweet Potato Stuffed Crust Review: It’s Like Eating Pizza & Lian Yong Bao

Sweet potatoes are actually a pretty classic ingredient in Korean pizzas.

Here’s a pretty old Korean commercial here:

So yes, Pizza Hut did miss an opportunity in calling their Sweet Potato crust pizzas Korean inspired.

Yeah, you’ve read it right: Pizza Hut has new pizzas that has sweet potato crust:

And since it’s Friday, we bought the 2 Regular Pizzas for S$22 and one side deal. To eat the new Sweet Potato Crust, there is an additional S$5 per pizza, for a total of $32.

All for #FastFoodFriday even when no one’s reading our reviews #sadnessoverload

Right now, only the Hawaiian Pizza and Spicy Hawaiian have a Sweet Potato Crust option, so that’s the two we got.

Spicy Hawaiian:


Pictures look good, we can call it Korean, really, but what else do we need to make it sound good?

Time to eat.

Image: Ohmagif

A closer look at the Parmesan crust shows that it is beautifully golden brown and crisp.

For the review, we would only be focusing on the Sweet Potato Crust. Because duh, I’m pretty sure almost everyone has eaten Hawaiian, and the Sweet Potato is the only new thing.

Golden sweet potato puree can be found around the edges, along with melted cheese. By no stretch of the imagination is this the best cheese pull, but a cheese pull is a cheese pull.

So How Does It Taste?

Before I destroy everyone’s hopes and dreams, in the words of our editor, this thing is a 6.5/5.

But to be honest, he was feeling pretty hungry after an unholy encounter with a Murtabak he didn’t want to touch.

For myself, it was the equivalent of eating a Pizza Hut pizza together with a Sweet Potato version of Lian Yong Bao.

Not that it doesn’t taste good. The crust had a crispy and fluffy interior with the stringy texture of the cheese. Sweet potato paste is well seasoned, and while it definitely isn’t as sweet as a Japanese Yaki Imo (Sweet Potato), it tastes exactly like a sweet potato puree should taste like.

I just felt that for a S$5 upgrade, I should be getting a little bit more. Perhaps a zing of some herbs or spices, like say cinnamon, would have made an improvement to the Pizza. The limited choices of only Hawaiian is also something.

And to rationalise my thought, a Lian Yong Bao bought at the drinks stall in a Kopitiam is about S$1. With 6 slices in a regular pizza, I’m kind of saving a dollar, I guess.

All in all, a forgettable new item that is exactly as described on the menu.

Rating: 3/5

Oh and to any Pizza Hut Employee, I can’t help but think you missed another opportunity in your newest Facebook post. Flip the pizza upside down and you get an A looking shape.

Image: Pizza Hut Singapore Facebook