#FastFoodFridays: Dominoes Sambalicious Pizza: Some-Bawl Writer


Is Pizza fast food? I feel like by publishing this article, some Italian who is reading Goody Feed for whatever reason just placed me on a hit list.

But anyway. Who the hell dislikes pizzas?

There are only two types of pizzas: the good ones, and the amazing ones.

Here’s a theory. Just place 2 boxes of pizza in the middle of nowhere and wait. Wait for a while and a party will start. Pizza parties.

Image: Giphy

Dominoes Sambalicious Pizza, Sambal Ikan Bilis and Sambal Veggie

Image: Domino’s

Why did we decide to order Ikan Bilis and Veggie, but not Surf & Turf? Who knows? Maybe cause it says All-Time Favourites, or maybe we feel too low class to order First Class Pizza.

Either way, it’s going for 2 regular for S$22, 2 large for S$33, 2 Xtra large for S$44. And we ordered the large:

Hmmm, pizzas. Looks good no matter what.

Here’s a food styling tip even if you didn’t ask for it: just throw some random food of different colours, especially red and green, and the food will look nice even if it doesn’t taste nice.

It’s why you always see random leaves on top of the food in advertisements.

A Closer Look

Sambal Veggie close up:

Sambal Ikan Bilis close up:

Cheese pull!….?

Naturally, for any pizzas, you want a cheese pull. so we did it.


And failed. There’s not enough cheese.

Cheezus Crust couldn’t save this fail cheese pull. He’d need to turn air into cheese.

Reminder: there are only good pizzas and amazing pizzas

And this isn’t a pizza. Random Italian guy reading Goody Feed, you can put down your Mezzaluna and hold that call to the Mafia.


Both pizzas hardly taste like anything. And that’s really the main problem. An amazing pizza is better than the sum of its parts. This isn’t pizza, but just toppings on bread.

For a sambal pizza, there is hardly the taste of sambal. The given chilli flakes tasted more like sambal than the chilli water they spread on the flatbread.

Where was the sambal? Did it get forgotten in the mortar? Is that why the poster showed the sambal separately?

Image: Dominoes

Here’s the description for the Sambal Veggie:

Fresh Mushrooms, sweet onions, cherry tomatoes and green peppers with ripe olives, melted cheese on our unique Domino’s Sambal sauce.

They’re all technically on the flatbread, and I could taste them individually, but it’s not a pizza. It’s more like eating a cooked salad with melted cheese and a slice of bread.

Ikan Bilis: Crunchy Ikan Bilis, juicy shredded chicken, green peppers, sweet onions, melted cheese with our unique Domino’s Sambal Sauce.


Anchovies on pizzas aren’t unheard of—some might even argue it should be on every pizza for its salty flavour that is “also fruity and addictively savoury”. Ikan Bilis is made from anchovies. Perfect fusion food right?

Maybe it could work, but not this one. It’s the same problem as above; bland and uninteresting.

Here’s a suggestion: eat Gardenia’s Sambal Ikan Bilis instead. At least it will taste like sambal.

Image: Gardenia

Not sponsored, by the way, it’s just the first brand to appear when I google “Ikan Bilis Bread”. And maybe Mighty White Ikan Bilis Bread, but whoever heard of the Mighty White brand before?

It’s a relief that this item is only a limited time offer. At least then we can forget all about it after National Day is over.


Lazada sells Gardenia at S$1.30, so that makes it 25 times the price. By the work of math, 5 divided by 25 is 0.2.

Rating: 0.2/5.

Domino’s, we’ll pretend this item doesn’t exist and order the other things on your menu.