Everything You Need to Know About The Fatal Mall Stabbing Incident in Hong Kong

A grotesque double murder occurred in a Hong Kong mall over the weekend.

One of the two women who were attacked was stabbed more than 25 times.

Hong Kong Mall Stabbing Incident Leaves Two Women Dead; Assailant Purchased Knife Just 10 Minutes Before Attack

On Friday (3 June), two women aged 22 and 26 shopping at the Plaza Hollywood Mall in Diamond Hill, Hong Kong, were fatally stabbed.

CCTV footage of the mall stabbing incident has since made its rounds online, leaving many netizens abhorred. Here’s a warning—the footage isn’t for the weak-hearted.

So, what exactly happened?

Around 5 pm local time, a man was spotted purchasing a 15 cm knife from a nearby shop.

Ten minutes after he bought the knife, he put it to use.

From the CCTV footage, the 39-year-old man could be seen approaching the two women from behind before suddenly breaking into a rampage and stabbing one of the two women.

Bystanders and nearby shopkeepers were seen fleeing the scene in panic.

Later, a trail of blood is left behind as the second woman tries to pull her companion’s body away from the assailant, all while the assailant repeatedly stabs the first woman.

Image: Facebook (Bruce Leroy)

The second woman also tries to fight back a few times but to no avail. Instead, the assailant raises his knife and starts attacking the second woman.

Both victims were unconscious when conveyed to the hospital and eventually passed away.

Assailant Allegedly Stood By The Deceased’s Bodies Even While Medics Provided First Aid

According to a bystander, even when medics arrived to provide first aid to the two women, the assailant didn’t budge.

Instead, the assailant continued standing by the deceased’s bodies, all while the medics were doing their work.

Sounds like something straight out of a horror film. Felt a chill go down your spine yet?

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Police subsequently arrived at the scene and arrested the 39-year-old assailant. The 39-year-old was then brought to a police station to be questioned.

39-Year-Old Assailant Suffers From Schizophrenia 

While authorities have classified this case as a murder case, it isn’t as straightforward as you may think it is.

First, based on preliminary investigations, it doesn’t appear that the two victims knew the 39-year-old assailant.

Second, according to the South China Morning Post, the 39-year-old was schizophrenic. It was also confirmed that he was due for an appointment at a public specialist outpatient clinic for his schizophrenia just days later.

As investigations into this fatal mall stabbing continue, we can only wait and see what other layers are to be unveiled.

The Murder of Hong Kong Socialite Abby Choi Earlier This Year

This is not the first murder reported in Hong Kong this year that put the city in the limelight.

Earlier this year, news of the brutal murder of Hong Kong socialite Abby Choi shocked many around the world.

The model was initially reported missing on 21 February before her body was found three days later at a village in Tai Po, Hong Kong.

That’s not the end of it. Her body was missing one important thing—her head.

The brutal murder has been linked to the socialite’s ex-husband and his family. You can read more about the murder case here.