Father Prints Cardboard Cutout Of Wife To Trick Son Into Thinking She’s There So He Won’t Cry

Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs in the world.

And it’s not just taking care of your kids, which is already a challenge in itself.

Image: Bebebargains

You have to monetarily and emotionally support the household along with other physical duties like chores and cooking.

You definitely have your work cut out for you without a plan.

Creative Cardboard

Fun fact: I’m actually smiling super hard as I type this article.

According to MothershipTwitter user @sato_nezi shared that his child would start to cry uncontrollably whenever he lost sight of his mother.

Which is pretty normal, honestly. A child always wants their mother’s attention after all.

Thus, he decided to think of an interesting solution.

If you did a double-take then yes, that woman is not real.

In fact, Sato uses this cardboard cut out of his wife in order to soothe his child’s anxiety.

For added realism, the cutout was even printed in two different poses: standing and another with her kneeling down.

Image: Knowyourmeme

To be honest, it is a pretty huge aww moment.

I’m almost sure the child knows that it isn’t his real mother but the image of her simply comforts him. Almost.

Where are these ninjas cutting onions and who stuck a needle in my eye?

The tweet has gone so viral it’s garnered over 47,000 retweets and 123,000 likes. I’m glad people love wholesomeness.

If You Weren’t Crying Before

Because my face definitely hurts from trying to hold it in now.

Below, Sato actually posted a video of his son playing within sight of the cardboard-mom.

The video shows the mother quickly fitting the cardboard in place before sneaking out of the door.

Sato said that his son was fooled for about 20 minutes and that the cardboard could possibly be a lifesaver.

It’s honestly pretty creative and not something I’ve seen anyone try.

Image: SayingImages

There were some concerns in the comments though.

Some felt that as interesting as the idea was, it may not be a permanent solution as the child would stop being fooled after awhile.

An understandable concern in all honesty.

Yet there was also the half the readily supported the idea and touted it as creative.

While I do agree that this method wouldn’t work forever, it certainly helps out momentarily until the mother can perhaps get some time off work. 



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