Father Sexually Assaulted Daughter Since She Was 9, Also Punished Her For Non-Compliance

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Parents are supposed to provide their children with a healthy and loving environment to grow up in – although they can be harsh sometimes, we know that they mean well most of the time.

Unfortunately, other times, some parents turn around to become a source of trauma and distress for their children instead.

This article may contain content that some may be uncomfortable with, so do proceed with due caution.

Father Convicted For Sexually Assaulting Daughter For Years

On Monday (Feb 22), a 44-year-old man was sentenced to 25 years of jail and 24 strokes of the cane, after having pleaded guilty to 3 counts of rape and 24 other charges taken in consideration.

The man was a food delivery rider who had four children with his wife, and the family lived in a four-room flat. Originally, their three sons lived with the couple in their home, while the female victim lived with her aunt until the age of nine.

The girl, who was in Primary 4 at the time, moved back into the family home in June 2013 where she shared a room with one of her brothers.

However, her father began molesting her just a few months after this, making it a weekly affair for five long years until she was 14. Not knowing what to do, the girl did not react as she was fearful and uncomfortable.

And It Escalated Badly

Once in May 2018, affected by the stress her father’s harassment brought upon her coupled with an argument with her mother, the girl ran away from home. Following a missing persons report filed the next day, she returned home.

Her father’s assaults stopped for a few months after the incident, but he returned to his ways in December 2018. When she stood up to him to express her discomfort with his actions, he forced her to face the wall for an hour as punishment.

He then began locking her out of the house every day that month, saying that he was “not comfortable being in the flat alone with her.” Way to gaslight someone.

She would only be allowed back into the house at 7pm after her mother returned from work. When her mother would ask why she was outside, the man lied that he was punishing her for not doing her homework.

When the victim was 15 in January 2019, her father began raping her as well. For fear that she would be punished and locked out of the house again, the victim did not tell anyone about it although she felt pain.

This followed by rape and sexual assault inflicted on the victim from her father at least once a month from March to June in the same year.

She was afraid that her family would be broken up if she told anyone about the abuse and deliberately stayed out after school on 31 July to avoid being in the house with her father. Unfortunately, she received a scolding from her mother for being late.

Her Schoolmates Found Out The Truth

The girl’s moodiness was noticed by three of her secondary schoolmates on 1 Aug, who asked her to tell them what was wrong. She began tearing up after her initial reluctance and told them that she was upset as her mother scolded her for being late, not wanting to go home on time because her father constantly “harassed” her.

Her schoolmates then asked if this harassment meant that she had lost her virginity, to which she responded with a yes and started to cry.


The matter was reported to her form teacher and subsequently to the police.

The victim continued to suffer from flashbacks and repetitive memories of her father’s actions, a psychiatric report read, although she experiences these less frequently now.

As for her father, he was assessed to be fit to plead, and evidence did not suggest a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction.

The victim’s silent suffering for years led the prosecution to seek at least a 26 year jail term and 24 strokes of the cane for him.

Deputy Public Prosecutors Stephanie Koh and Lim Yu Hui said that the man should have provided her with a loving and safe family environment when the girl moved back in with her family at the age of nine.

Instead, he proceeded to sexually torment her just two months after she “unknowingly entered the lion’s den”.

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He also took advantage of this access to his daughter by creeping into her room at night to molest her, which eventually progressed into making use of the time they spent alone in the house in the afternoons to rape her.

Each charge of rape could have given him a jail term of up to 20 years and a fine or caning.

Feature Image: Shutterstock.com / Tinnakorn jorruang 

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