FedEx Allegedly Anyhowly Return Huawei’s Documents After US Bans Huawei

Some people say real life is boring, but when you are rich enough, you get to do stuff like play spy movie on national news.

Which is exactly what FedEx and Huawei seem to be doing as released in a piece of exclusive news by Reuters.

And as with any Huawei related news nowadays, the first thing you think of is the US-China trade war and the Huawei ban.

Whether it is related is up to speculation, but here’s what happened.

Huawei accuses FedEx of diverting documents to the US

Huawei had 4 packages containing documents and “no technology”, as claimed by Huawei, to be delivered to their offices.

2 of these were to come from Japan and sent on 19 May and 20, to Huawei offices in China. Another 2 more were to come from Vietnam to be sent on 17 May to Hong Kong and Singapore.

And like anybody waiting for their delivery, they were like:

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But Huawei checked tracking records for the packages and found the 2 from Japan sent to Memphis, Tennessee, where the headquarters of FedEx is. The ones from Vietnam were held up in FedEx stations on 21 May for “delivery exception”.

So they decided to tell Reuters that FedEx diverted 2 of the packages to the US and attempted to do so for the other 2.

Yeah, it’s like the times in primary school when my classmate stole my bag, and I reported it to the teacher instead of confronting him. Except, multi-billion dollar company version.

But “Huawei declined to elaborate on why it thought the packages were diverted”, which somehow makes it seem like a random accusation.

When Reuters showed FedEx the records for clarification, FedEx simply said that they weren’t allowed to disclose customer information.

Huawei to review logistics

Joe Kelly, a spokesman for Huawei told Reuters that the diversions to the US “undermines our confidence” and “will now have to review our logistics and document delivery support requirements”.

There’s a little conspiracy theory going on here too since people are wondering if this has got to do with the Huawei ban. As FedEx is a US company, does this mean that they have ties to the US intelligence?

It probably isn’t hard to guess that “review” means ‘consider firing FedEx’ or ‘working with the US is too dangerous’.

FedEx denies the allegation, no replies from US Government

Of course, no sane company will reveal on national news that they are the villain. FedEx spokeswoman Maury Donahue said the packages were “misrouted in error” and they were not requested to divert them by somebody else.

FedEx also said that this is an isolated issue affecting a small number of packages, and refused to elaborate on the “delivery exceptions”.

Reuters also asked the US Department of Commerce on the incident, but they didn’t receive any reply.

Political Spy Movie, out on national news now

At this point, it already seems like a spy movie skit.

Image: Meme Generator

Why are the documents being sent to the US? Are the tracking records fake? Is Huawei just making some random unimportant diversion an excuse to fire FedEx? Is FedEx really working with the US government?

In any case, the US-China trade war only seems to bring a lot of conflict and problems, and the Huawei cinematic universe will probably continue on for a while.

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