Felicia Chin Leaving Mediacorp to Join a Christian Media Company


The actress, who got her 10th Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes award this year, is taking a “courageous leap of faith”.

She’ll be leaving Mediacorp at the end of June, and joining the faith-based Chinese platform Hai Hao Ma full-time.

Rose to Fame Winning Star Search, Successful Career in Mediacorp

Felicia Chin rose to fame by winning the talent show Star Search in 2003, which means she’s been with Mediacorp for 19 years. Back in 2010, she took up full-time studies in business and returned to the entertainment industry in 2013.

At this year’s Star Awards, she won her 10th Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes trophy, marking her lasting popularity.

However, it seems that she’s going to be leaving the comfort of Mediacorp to pursue a career in social media, saying that this will help her grow.

The platform that she’ll be joining, Hai Hao Ma, launched early in January this year. It is a Christian platform that delivers content in Chinese, and has since featured many celebrities like Li Nanxing, Chew Chor Meng, Belinda Lee, and more.

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Want to Make a Positive Impact

Speaking to CNA Lifestyle, Felicia shared that the platform was established by the same non-profit organisation that runs the website Salt and Light. She describes it as a Christian company that has multiple platforms that “give stories of hope”.

Felicia, a devout Christian since 2015, said that she feels that channels that “lift spirits and encourage” are lacking in the Chinese Christian community. Through this platform, she hopes to make a contribution with her 19 years of experience, and make a positive impact.

At her new job, she’ll probably be hosting, and hopes to produce programmes that she’s interested in. Even after leaving Mediacorp, she still wishes to act and host if there are suitable opportunities.

As someone who always seeks meaning in what she does, Felicia also said that she believes that this new environment of spreading hope and light speaks to her. This job won’t just allow her to grow as an artiste, but also as a person.

“I think it’s also important to do what speaks to my heart right now. I’m just taking a courageous leap of faith.”

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Featured Image: Instagram (Felicia Chin)