Female Lecturer Shaved Head to Support Student Who Was Undergoing Chemo

Teachers have powers to change students’ lives for the better with their passion and sincerity.

They seek to nurture students not only academically, but as a person as well.

If you’ve ever come across one like that, you’re very fortunate.

Some of them even go the extra mile to encourage all their students who may come from very different backgrounds, offering love and support in times of need, much like this teacher who showed everyone her dedication to her students.

Hair For Hope

Dr Bamini KPD Balakrishnan, a senior lecturer at UMS (University Malaysia Sabah) Business, Economics and Accountancy Faculty, did a very special thing in support of one of her students.

Richelle Hii Hua Yin, a 20-year-old student of hers, had been diagnosed with stage three bone cancer earlier this year in February and had lost all her hair due to chemotherapy.

Image: Harian Metro

In a show of unity and solidarity for her beloved student, Dr Bamini also decided to shave her hair off clean to show her that she isn’t alone in this fight.

She said that although she knew that there were other ways she could show her support in, she still decided to go with this method as a form of support.

GIF: Giphy.com

Aww, how heartwarming!

“I want her to know that we’re all here for her and she is not alone in this difficult moment. There’s no intention to seek popularity. I just want to give her support and courage to keep being positive,” Dr Bamini said.

She Was A Promising Student

Richelle was also an intelligent and active student, Dr Bamini added. In the first semester of the school itself, she was able to obtain a cumulative GPA of 3.6, showing her academic excellence. That’s a number I don’t even dare to dream of.

She was also an active member of the Police Undergraduate Voluntary Corp, proving her excellence in co-curricular activities as well.

Image: ums.edu.my

“I’m asking all my friends and also the public to pray for her smooth recovery,” Dr Bamini added hopefully.

It’s nice to see how teachers can possibly make such deep connections with their students beyond the hours they spend together in school, and Dr Bamini is truly admirable for being as brave and strong as Richelle is. Faith in humanity restored. 

Here’s hoping that Richelle is able to recover quickly with all the support and love she’s been receiving!

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