All Fishes in a Foot Fish Spa Allegedly Died After Man Put His Stinky Feet In

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My mum used to tell me this, “You don’t have to wash your ears. You don’t have to wash your butt. But on no account are you ever to skip out on washing your feet.”

“But why?” I asked.


She pulled me close, and looked straight into my eyes.

“Because stinky feet…” she breathed, eyes wide and fearful. “Can kill.”

Seventeen years later, I have become a pretty accomplished individual. I now hold a full-time job at Home Private Limited, where I play games and watch videos to my heart’s content all day long. The only drawback’s that I get no pay, but who cares when you’re self-employed? Not everyone can say that.

As I scrolled through the net, I saw something that caught my eye.

“All Fishes in a Foot Fish Spa Allegedly Died After Man Put His Stinky Feet In?” I breathed, leaning in closer.

“Omg, Mum was right…” I gripped my other forearm tightly to steady myself. “She was right…”

Stinky feet do kill.


What happened?

According to several media outlets, this news has been going viral online whereby a middle-aged man known only as Wong, went for a fish spa session on New Year’s eve but supposedly ended up killing all the fishes.

The method of murder?

Stinky feet.

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It happened in Beijing, China, and started with a pretty long-ass backstory, as is required for any in-depth, best-selling novel.

Wong had joined an IT company right after graduation and has been working there for 10 years. However, work came at a hefty price, as he worked overtime almost every day and hardly had time for himself.

Before he knew it, Wong had turned 35, and his parents got concerned about his life because he was still single. Naturally, they stepped in and introduced a nice lady to Wong.

Well what do you know? They actually liked each other! In fact, they were even contemplating about getting hitched in the near future!

But this is where everything started… stinking.

On New Year’s eve, Wong finally had some time for himself and decided to spend the break with his girlfriend. After a good old steamboat session, she invited him for a fish spa session.

(Incidentally, fish spa is a foot treatment where you lower your legs into a tank filled with warm water and little fishes. The fishes will then proceed to eat all that dead/hardened skin off your feet.)

And back to the topic; after Wong’s girlfriend jioed him, he tried to siam. She, however, managed to persuade him in the end. Once Wong entered the shop, he sprinted to a corner to remove his shoes before wrapping his feet with a towel. Thereafter, he dipped his legs straight into the water tank.

When time was up, the boss came along for payment and was shocked to see that the fishes were all dead. He also smelt something ‘funky’ emitting from the water. Convinced that Wong had sabotaged the fishes on purpose, the boss wanted him to refund the losses.

Both parties then argued for a while before Wong finally revealed the possible real cause of death of the fishes:


He hasn’t properly washed his feet for 10 years.

Therefore, the stinky feet must have killed the fishes, somehow or another. Although we have no idea how the fishes could die so fast, even if the feet were positively brimming with bacteria, dirt and all things not nice.

Nevertheless, the boss believed him and let him off. Yay.

Subsequently, Wong promised to work on his personal hygiene.

And in case you’re wondering, they didn’t break up.


Although I highly doubt whether his girlfriend would want to go for some sexy, foot-licking time.

Well, guess I’ve had enough of the Internet for one day.

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