FitBit Partners Up With HPB To Give S’poreans Free Fitness Tracker & Access To Fitness Programmes

New year new resolutions – and for most of us it’s to be healthier.

Unsurprisingly for me, we’re more than halfway through the year and I still haven’t hit my goals. But better late than never right?

Look, it’s not like I haven’t tried. Here’s a (short) list of my attempts to be healthy:

National Step Challenge? Check.

Downloaded the Healthy 365 app? Check. (Fine you caught me, I downloaded this just to try to get free stuff)

But healthy habits just don’t stick.

New Initiative: Live Healthy SG

Perhaps the Health Promotion Board (HPB)’s new initiative, “Live Healthy SG” will be my saving grace from all that fried chicken.

Fitbit is partnering with HPB to encourage Singaporeans to live healthier lives. If you’re unacquainted with this fitness watch, it basically tracks your sleep, physical activity, nutrition. Some models can even track your heart rate.

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Basically, Live Healthy SG will let Singaporeans sign up for a 1-year subscription to Fitbit Premium for $120, or $10 a month. That’s even cheaper than a Netflix subscription.

The best part? You’ll receive an Inspire HR health tracker (worth S$158) for free. Yes, free. Well, it technically isn’t free. But, still.

More About The Inspire HR Health Tracker

Some of its key functions are activity and sleep tracking, up to 5 days of battery life, 24/7 heart rate, sleep stages, advanced calorie burn tracking and swim-proof.

Hey, I’m not complaining. Though it isn’t as swanky as the more expensive Fitbit models, like the Fitbit Versa, it hands down beats the chunky free National Steps Challenge tracker.

You’ll also have an option to share your exercise data with HPB. Don’t worry, any semblance of “personal identifiers” like your name will not be shared.

HPB CEO Zee Yoong Kang shared with Channel News Asia, “Participants of this program will benefit from Fitbit’s plans to incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning to encourage physical activity, healthy eating an better sleep quality. The insights gathered can also help to enrich HPB’s health promotion programs.”

More About The Fitbit Premium

So wait, what’s Fitbit Premium? Isn’t having the watch and all its features already enough?

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Well, Fitbit Premium comes with a digital coach that’ll lead you on the right path to fitness and vitality: through video workouts and audio coaching.

Yes, listen as your digital coach tells you that you’ve drunk so much Liho that you’re actually sweating bubble tea as you work out. Just kidding.

How Do We Sign Up?

Interested Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents can pre-register from mid-September. The initiative will be launched in late October of 2019.

From where, you ask.

Just come back to this app daily lah. We’ll update you when it’s available.

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