Flight Attendant Husband & Wife Share Life As ‘Airline Couple’ & Struggles Of Diff Flying Schedules


This one goes to all my fellow hopeless romantics in the house.

There’s a reason to why you’re a chronic hopeless romantic… That’s right, Nicholas Sparks. Don’t know who that is? You might just be a tad bit too young. Can I fancy you some John Green?

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If there’s anything that these books and flicks have taught us, it’s that true love abides and overcomes the toughest of circumstances and that it never falters.

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Suddenly the idea of love becomes awfully magical. Until it dawns upon you that these are mere works of fiction. You haven’t crossed paths with anyone worth the text back and that you’re doomed to a life of a 40-year-old virgin.

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I’m about to sting real bad for you guys.

AirAsia flight attendant, Deann Harrisa, took it up to Twitter to share her remarkable love story with her fellow flight attendant and husband. The lengthy thread shared the reality of their seemingly smooth-sailing marriage.

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Her purpose? To show netizens how marriages can sometimes be turbulent. Like what John Green once wrote, “True love will triumph in the end.”

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A Thread: Life as an Airline Couple

According to Deann, she and her husband, Hakeem, have been together for two years. The pair were wedded nine months ago and is expecting their firstborn in January 2020.

Many have been quick to assume that being an “airline couple” was the master level of #relationshipgoals.

However, Deann felt otherwise. She explained that there exists a multitude of factors that made her picture-perfect marriage difficult-difficult-lemon-difficult.

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Timing Was Not Their Best Friend

Upon getting together, the couple was already well aware of the challenges that their flight schedules would bring to the relationship.

According to Deann, there have been instances where she would come home only to find her husband leaving for his flight.

She added that there was once a time when they barely saw each other because of their conflicting schedules. They only crossed paths at work where they briefly hugged and kissed before proceeding to their individual agendas.

Their hectic lifestyles was once a source of conflict for the couple. On a tweet, she said, “We used to argue a lot but luckily, my husband is a very patient man.”

Every Problem Has its Fix

Deann shared that if anything, the challenging periods of their marriage only taught the pair solutions to their issues.

“My husband and I created a concept where we fetch each other from work,” said Deann.

According to Deann, it worked something along the lines of – if she had a flight on the morning of her husband’s flight’s arrival, she would make her way to the airport earlier to welcome him back.

The couple would then have breakfast together. Afterwards, her husband will send her off.

She also shared that they often swapped flights with other cabin crew, flying together as much as they can.


Netizen Reactions

The thread has since garnered over 7,800 retweets since it was first put up on 27 November. Many also saluted the couple for their dedication to making the marriage work.

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And my favourite…

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Aren’t we all? 

Deann ended her inspiring thread saying, “Marriage requires a lot of effort from both parties. Your husband should not be doing more than you, and vice versa. You must always be on the same page.”

Now that’s a love story worth a few WongFu episodes! I would call it, Beyond the Terminal. Forgive me, I was never good with titles.

With all the jokes aside, we wish both Deann and Hakeem blissful years together!

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