Former Actress Florence Tan Might Make a Comeback to Acting

For the 90s kids who still tune in to Mediacorp, you might have noticed familiar faces like Ann Kok and Phyllis Quek appearing on your TV screens again.

As for fellow celebrity Florence Tan, she may not have had a comeback yet but still expressed her wishes to do so in a recent interview with Shin Min Daily News.

And for those who are curious as to what the Malaysian-born actress has been up to since leaving Mediacorp in 2006, here’s all you need to know.

Still Loves Acting and Keeps Up With Local TV

As the winner of the female category of Star Search back in 1997, it’s no wonder that Tan, 45, is still interested to act in local dramas despite leaving Mediacorp over a decade ago after getting married to Taiwanese businessman Jack Liu.

She even told Shin Min that if Mediacorp approaches her to act in their shows, she will accept the offer for sure.

Currently, Tan is a Fly Entertainment artiste, and she revealed that her agency has been trying to link her up with Singapore-based acting jobs as of late. However, their attempts have unfortunately been unsuccessful so far.

She then gushed about her love for acting and passion for both filming and production, as well as how she likes “breathing life” into her characters.

According to her, this career provides her with challenges but is also extremely enjoyable as well.

As for her acting jobs lately, she last acted in Mind Matters, a Channel 8 drama series that was aired in 2018. She also started acting in China in 2011 after getting married, and is currently based in Hong Kong right now.

However, despite taking a backseat from acting, Tan shared that she still tunes in to what happens in the local entertainment industry.

In particular, she sang praises of Titoudao, a drama series that is available for viewing on Netflix.

Currently Studying at an Online University

And even though she hasn’t been involved in showbiz as much lately, it seems like Tan has still been making the most out of her time.

She told Shin Min that she is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Health Science at the University of the People, which is a California-based university. She registered for the course in 2020 and has been studying for her degree online since then.

Apart from that, she also picked up Latin dance two years ago as well.

Tan then touched on how her studies have left her extremely stressed, and that she no longer has the time or energy for work or social media anymore.

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Family Currently Doing Well

As for how her family is doing, Tan also shared that her twin daughters, Viola and Novea, were able to visit Singapore and Malaysia for a short trip during their summer holidays this year after not being able to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Her daughters, who are in Secondary 3, are currently studying in an English-medium high school in Hong Kong. She shared how they are gifted in music and are trained in ballet as well.

With regards to how Shin Min said that she looks like her daughters’ older sister instead of their mother, she responded by saying that she has not “frozen time”.

According to her, she has aged in a “graceful and cute manner” instead.

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