This flower puzzle has been driving the Internet crazy—if you can solve this, you’re a genius!

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With all the baffling puzzles and mind-boggling graphics, fans have created a new Internet sensation. There’s the dress puzzle, asking people all over the world if the dress is gold or blue.

And of course, there’s the Find the Panda illustration puzzle, asking people to identify a Panda amongst a sea of look-alike snowmen. Then, there’s the owl and cat illustration.

These are never-ending debates, but hell, it’s fun. You get to see how bent these people are on seeking the truth and hilarious comments on how ridiculous some answers are. Puzzle fans, you might want to give this a try or join in the debate!

There has been a controversial Math puzzle online to which nobody has the real answers to – a flower puzzle.


Many have been debating about the correct answer, or is there even one? Even teachers and professors have claimed that this is unsolvable! This flower puzzle has been gaining lots of attention on the social media sites, with more than 1,200 likes and over 1,700 comments.

In this puzzle, there are 3 lines of equations that show the different sum of each flower combinations. The final combination with no total is up to people to work out the final answer. It seems simple, but there are tons of comments arguing over the correct answer as everyone derived at different numbers.

There are some who are confident that the final equation adds up to 102, while some say it’s 110. We also have differing answers such as 25 or 27. What is yours? If you have answers ranging from 80, you’re close. Why?

Because the number of flowers and petals matter. Logic puzzle solver Professor Puzzler, a Math teacher named Dough said that the problem was unsolvable as the flower has a different number of petals. If you take a close look, the blue flower from the second and third line differs from the last line!

Many have speculated that the number of petals matter and is the key to solving the problem. Note that the number of yellow flowers in the third line also differs from the fourth line.

Math teacher Dough had also posted that the correct answer to this question is “No, I cannot solve this. If you came up with a numerical value, you were wrong (sorry!)…We do not have any information with which to calculate the value of a blue flower with four petals.”

What a trick question! Regardless of the petals, the best answer found online was 81. The red flower may very well be 20, the blue flower with 5 petals is 5, and the two yellow flowers are 2.

The correct equation of the last line would be 1+20×4, which sums up to 81.

But nobody knows for sure if the real answer is 81, so go ahead and prove the world why you think it’s correct! 

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