Food Delivery Guy Cooked Food for Customer Himself ‘Coz the Wait is Too Long


Last Updated on 2020-01-17 , 10:11 pm

Lest you’re not aware, here’s something new to you: food delivery firms usually pay their delivery personnel an hourly rate and also a fixed incentive for each delivery.

For example, Foodpanda pays about $9 to $9.50 per hour and a trip bonus of $5 to $7 per trip.

If you do the maths, you’ll see that if you make just two trips an hour, your trip bonus would be more than the basic pay.

Which is why riders like to chiong for the trips: imagine making four trips an hour. An hour of work could well be an earning of $37.50. That’s so much higher than being a private hire car driver, isn’t it?

Some companies would give a “guaranteed” amount per hour in case there is no delivery. But you get the idea: deliver fast and you earn more.

But here’s where the problem occurs: no matter how fast you are, you’ve got to wait for the restaurant to prepare the customer’s order.

We’ve all come across food delivery guy waiting in restaurants, playing with their phone as they wait for their order, right?

Every minute spent waiting is every dollar lost to them, but what can they do?

They can’t just go into the kitchen and cook for them, right?

Well. One guy just thought, Why not?

He’s not going to let others decide his destiny. He’s going to create his own.

Meet Mr Sergeant, The Cook & The Delivery Guy

A video of a delivery personnel cooking like a professional chef as the kitchen blared some Chinese song has made its way to Weibo.

Here’s another footage from another angle.

While the kitchen staff worked in slow motion, this delivery guy, who still has his helmet on because time-is-money-bro, seamlessly grabbed ingredients and shook his wok like those angry char kway teow uncles we often see in hawker centres.

Most of the comments in the video applauded him, with one even likening him to Jack Ma.


Translation: “Is that you, Jack Ma? Jack Ma”

Which, come to think of it, is true: both Jack Ma and this guy has one similar trait. They don’t let others decide their pay.

Way to go, Mr Sergeant!