Food Delivery Riders Will Be Banned for a Year If They Didn’t Wear a Mask or Break Circuit Breaker Rules

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Every other day, more measures are being added to the already stringent circuit breaker measures implemented during this period.

For instance, at first, we only needed to wear a mask at certain places like markets or on public transport.

Now, it’s compulsory to wear a mask the moment we step out of the house, or risk being fined $300.

In the latest news, the government is clamping down hard on errant food delivery riders who do not abide by the circuit breaker regulations:

Food Delivery Riders Will Be Banned for a Year If They Didn’t Wear a Mask or Break Circuit Breaker Rules

Errant food delivery riders from GrabFood, Foodpanda and Deliveroo who do not abide by the circuit breaker rules will be suspended from all three firms for a year, according to the authorities.

Yeap, this means that they won’t be able to hop over to any other delivery firm and work for them either.

This could occur if they break circuit breaker rules such as not wearing a face mask at all times and keeping a safe distance.

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Trade agency Enterprise Singapore said in a joint statement with the Singapore Food Agency and the Land Transport Authority that this penalty will be on top of existing safe distancing regulations imposed by the Government, aka a $300 fine.

Not only could they lose their jobs, but they’d be fined too.

Increasing Demand For Food Delivery Services

The statement explained that this followed increased demand for food delivery services during the circuit breaker period, which is scheduled to last till 4 May.

The agencies hope to ensure that the delivery riders will “adhere to the elevated safe distancing measures”.

“This is to safeguard the health of delivery personnel, staff of food-and-beverage establishments, customers and others they may interact with during their work,” the agencies said.

The three food delivery firms will also suspend errant delivery personnel who have been “caught and fined” for not adhering to the circuit breaker measures during their word.

They will be suspended from taking up delivery jobs across all three platforms for as long as 12 months.

Firms will be responsible for working with their delivery personnel to “ensure awareness of and adherence” to the safe distancing measures.


Precautionary Measures

Besides wearing a face mask and maintaining safe distancing, some of these precautionary measures include mandating contactless delivery like placing food deliveries on doorsteps “where possible” and regularly cleaning their food carriers and warmers.

If the public were to come across businesses or individuals who fail to abide by the safe distancing measures, they can report this to [email protected] with supporting evidence like photographs.

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