Foodies: Nominate For Your Favourite Restaurants in Chope Diners’ Choice

In the past, you’d have to search for the restaurant’s phone number, call them, and place a reservation in order to book a table for a romantic candlelit dinner.

And every restaurant requires this process. Every. Single. Time.

Enter Chope, a dining platform that enables foodies to book, discover and save that changed the game.

Now, instead of having to look up restaurant numbers every time you want to make a reservation, all you need to do is to whip out the Chope app or go to their website and make your reservations at more than 1,300 restaurants in Singapore.

Diners’ Choice Awards 2018

Every person in Singapore has a favourite restaurant they’d recommend to their friends in a heartbeat.

With this notion in mind, Chope Diners’ Choice 2018 seeks the best restaurants in Singapore by rallying the foodie community to nominate and vote for the best eateries in town.

The campaign will have two different phases:

Nominations (8 Oct to 4 Nov)
Each diner can nominate three restaurants in each category.

Voting (19 Nov to 2 Dec)
The top 10 restaurants from each category will move into the “finals” where diners can vote for their top choice.

On 10 December, the results will be announced and you’ll know if your favourite restaurant has won!

What do YOU get while supporting your favourite restaurants?

Take the effort to nominate your favourite spots in one category and, depending on which category you nominate in, you’ll receive a perk from their partners such as DBS PayLah!, Robert Parker Wine Advocate and ST Food

Here’s the list:

To nominate, simply click here.

So what are you waiting for? Download the Chope app or visit to find out more!

ST Food and ONE FM are the official media partner and radio station, respectively, for Diners’ Choice 2018.

This article was first published on Goody Feed and written in collaboration with Chope.