S’pore foodpanda Did An Amazon By Giving Customer a Riddle While He Solves The Refund Issue


When it comes to ordering food using a food delivery platform, we are all too used to either receiving the wrong order or having spillage issues.

Of course, whenever these issues arise, we would contact the third-party delivery app and report to the customer service.

Then, the routine gets all too familiar: the standard replies, the standard refund or maybe some food vouchers.

However, with the amount of food delivery going up and being more intense, the probability of wrong orders is increasing too but is the customer service getting more interesting as well?

For Foodpanda Singapore, it seems like the answer is “Yes”.

Because why not?

Solve Riddle While I Solve Your Problem

Just yesterday, a Foodpanda customer has received a wrong order and sought assistance from the help centre.

Okay, it’s just a typical day, right?


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The conversation between the customer and the Foodpanda staff started off as the usual reporting of a wrong order where the customer said that he did not receive a drink that was ordered.

The twist appears when the Foodpanda staff asked for a few minutes to resolve the issue.

It then seems that the staff was worried that the wait would be too long and mundane for the customer and he started getting creative.

Remember those Amazon customer service chats you might have come across?

Well, it might not be that level but close enough.

Here’s what happened initially:

Image: Facebook (Chin Hoe Lee)

The Foodpanda staff had an Amazon moment and gave the customer a riddle to solve as he went on to check on his order.

Image: Facebook (Chin Hoe Lee)

The line “What day is a potato’s least favourite?” will be going down in history as a victorious moment for Foodpanda’s customer service.

Don’t worry, the ending is all good. The customer was given a full refund and a voucher after having “Riddle Time”.

Here’s his post that has so far garnered over 5.8k shares:


And by the way, the answer is Friday.


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