Foodpanda S’pore IG Account Hacked & It Even Hurled Expletives at Customers


The first thing they teach you about customer service is that abusing the customer with vulgarities is generally not a great idea.

Foodpanda was probably on sick leave that day.

Instagram user Gadula shared a post about her complaint against Foodpanda and the craziness that ensued.

Image: Instagram / gadula

Gadula clearly wasn’t satisfied with Foodpanda’s service and efficiency and let them know about it.

Image: Instagram / gadula

Foodpanda then responded saying “delete this you dumb wh*re”, which is not a conventional line for customer service representatives.

They then hurled even more expletives at her, calling her a “b*tch” and saying “suck my d*ick”.

Image: Instagram / gadula

Gadula later explained why she had complained in the first place.

Not Efficient Enough

After ordering her food at 6.30pm, she found out at 7.45pm that it was still 23 minutes away. That’s not exactly efficiency at its finest.

Some speculate that Foodpanda uses actual pandas as dispatch riders, which would explain the long waiting time and difficulty in communications.

However, they may be off the hook for their profane language towards Gadula on Instagram.


Image: Instagram / foodpandasg

It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that Foodpanda’s account was hacked. Unless we’ve been ordering food from a reincarnated Osama Bin Laden, it is likely that hackers had sent Gadula all those vulgar messages.

Their only two posts are inexplicably random, with one anime video titled “Nothing Important”.

The now-deleted Singapore Young Lions account was also previously hacked in the same way by the same group @factry.

One wonders what the fascination with the name Osama is, and also how they managed to get thousands of followers in both instances.

Foodpanda Responded


Foodpanda later came out and confirmed that their Instagram account was indeed hacked.

Image: Facebook (foodpanda)

In addition to the fact that they were hacked, this incident also showed how inefficient Foodpanda’s delivery service is.

While they can cite hacking as an excuse for their vulgar language, Osama can’t take the blame for their poor services.

Foodpanda clearly needs to improve its service, or at least be as efficient as their hackers.