This Footage Might Make You Have Toilet-Phobia for Months

I swear, the last time I heard a story about some haunted toilet I literally never entered a public toilet for weeks. Then this video had to come along. I guess I don’t need to pee ever again.

Before you click the video below, just know that you’ll probably develop an irrational fear of mirrors, if you haven’t already.

Don’t say I never warn you hor.

If you didn’t click the play button, let me tell you about it anyway.

The short clip starts with a young girl washing her hands in front of the toilet mirror. Very normal stuff. Then as her friend called out to her, things took a much freakier turn.

The girl turned to answer her friend, but her reflection didn’t.

Like any other horror movie or video, you know this is probably fake. It’s probably twins, or video editing or something.

But what if it’s real?

And even if it’s not, that certainly gave you a fright, didn’t it? Now every mirror you see is going to remind you of this. #sorrynotsorry

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