Video of a SPF Officer Bravely Firing a Taser is Getting More Views Than the Cyclist/Lorry Video

Image: YouTube (CoinPusher Love)


Being a policeman in Singapore isn’t just about deterring crimes, or standing in front of the camera and telling us how to avoid scams, like this officer whom we know:

If you’ve friends who’ve served in the SPF, you’d have heard them telling stories of how risky their jobs can be. While all we’ve seen in Crimewatch are just police officers running after suspects, some criminals do resist.

Singapore might be safe, but not safe to the extent of people just holding up their hands and surrendering once they see a man or woman in blue.

Case in point: this latest video that has gone viral. So viral, we’re certain it’s going to get more views than the cyclist / lorry video.

Police Officers Showdown with Auntie

The video, presumably first posted on YouTube, is a five-minute showdown between a group of police officers and an auntie who was holding a chopper at an HDB corridor.

The video is filmed from the inside of an HDB flat, and it shows the auntie looking furiously disoriented and claiming the people in the flat to be “bully”.

One officer has his taser pointed at the auntie…

Image: YouTube (CoinPusher Love)

…while another hold a shield to prevent the auntie from hurting anyone.

Image: YouTube (CoinPusher Love)

All of a sudden, the auntie hacked at the flat’s windows, in which the person filming (who’s inside the flat) immediately backed off. Sounds of glass shattering soon followed, and a taser shot was heard as well.

The tasing wasn’t filmed, but the aftermath showed the auntie lying on the floor.

Soon after, the auntie stood up again, albeit weaker. The police officers then pinned her down and a guy came to console the auntie.

What Makes This Video Viral

The video was re-uploaded by Facebook Page All Singapore Stuff, and within four hours, it has garnered over 20K Shares and 494K views.

Four hours = 20K Shares? You can tase me if this video doesn’t get more than 2 million views in 12 hours.

Here’s the video (in YouTube, because it looks better in YouTube) and you’ll understand why it gets viral even when the tasing isn’t on camera (do watch with sound).

Yes, it’s the professionalism of the police officers even when they’re under pressure.

I mean, as a soldier in the SAF, we’ve trained to handle displaced citizens, but should I be faced with a real unruly and violent ones, I’d shit my pants immediately.

However, in the video, the officers can be seen following every single SOP calmly—from screaming instructions to the auntie to firing only when the auntie turned violent.

In addition, they also demonstrated their authority, showing us that if need to, they can be fierce as well.

(Remind us not to joke to our police friends too much, please)

Most importantly, these officers might not know they’re filmed, so it’s as authentic as it can be.

But don’t take our words for it.

Look at the comments by netizens:


And, erm, I think this lady speaks for every female reader here:


What Really Happened?

With the video being viral for just a few hours, not much details have been revealed yet.

Stay tuned because we’re sure those heroes in blue would soon be praised online.


I mean, look at this guy.

Image: YouTube (CoinPusher Love)

He’s the next



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