For the first time, a new iPhone is selling at less than $50 in S’pore. You won’t believe the price


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:34 pm

It’s not often that you see a new iPhone selling at a price of less than $50 with a two-year plan that cost about $60 per month—heck, it has never occurred.

But now, history is in the making.

Here’s the ticket: SingTel has just released the price of Apple iPhone SE, and for a two-year Combo 3 Plan (which is at $62.90 per month), you’ll get to purchase the new 16G iPhone at just $37.


Here’s SingTel’s iPhone SE price plan.

Image: Singtel
Image: Singtel

But then again, it’s Apple’s goal to decrease the price of the latest iPhone (and of course, also make it smaller), so it doesn’t come too much of a surprise. A non-contract phone is at $828.


SingTel is taking pre-orders and will start delivery on 31 March 2016 if you make your pre-order before 30 March 2016, 4:00 p.m. At this moment, all colours except Silver are available.

So far, the other two telecoms have not released their price plan.

Worker’s Party just agree with PAP on something, but there’s another reason why they did that. Watch this to the end and you’ll understand:

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