Forget Chizza, Subway Now Has a Pizza Sub, or Pizzub

Just a couple of weeks ago, KFC’s innovative Chizza took Singapore by storm. This time, will you take the leap and give Subway’s amazing new pizza sub a try?

Officially, it’s called the Pizziola, but we think Pizzub is a much better name. The Pizziola is Subway’s first step into the world of cheesy dough goodness, and is a combination of the well-loved pizza and our typical sub.

For many, such a combo might be exactly what they need to make their day.


Honestly, it looks like a Meatball Marianna, except with the meatballs chopped up with a bit more sauce.

In a combo meal it would cost $7.90, though by itself it would cost only $6.90 and you can only savour that delicious pizza taste in the 6-foot long version for now. Ready to give this a go?

Head down to one of Subway’s many outlets and dive into their new sub today!

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