Free Application to Any Overseas University?! You Need to Know This!

Just collected your results and not sure where to go? Well, if you are thinking of heading overseas to study and don’t know where to begin, we know of an education agency that’s here to help. Plus, the best part? It’s all for FREE. Yup, from consultation, arranging your VISA to helping you settle into your new school – you can expect these services at no cost.

I mean, sure, you’ve to do some groundwork yourself, but all you’ve to do is to think about what you like to study, the university you’ll want to go to, the country that suits your lifestyle and budget, and viola! They’ll do the rest for you. This includes destinations like Australia, New Zealand and the UK with more than 400 universities worldwide! Meaning, you will be able to apply to almost any of your dream university. 

Sounds like a good deal? Read on to find out more!

1. It’s really all for free 

Yup, we’re not kidding. Considering all the services that they are offering and the help you’ll get to your dream school, this is almost too good to be true. They also run expos and get uni faculties and representatives in town for you to meet them in person!

2. You will be guided by a professional education counselor 

Their study abroad counselors have each been through overseas education themselves in countries like the UK and Australia and are highly qualified to help you find the course and destination right for you based on your qualifications, work experience, course eligibility and budget! 

3. They also provide assistance for your other education needs

From scholarships, accommodation options, exclusive student flight package discounts to even education loans. They help connect you to all the best deals and so you can cut down the hassle of having to google around.

4. They offer tons of study destinations for you to choose from

Don’t know where to go and study? They have the most comprehensive list of universities of over 400 universities including ALL 38 Australian Universities (including the prestigious Group of 8), ALL 8 New Zealand Universities and over 80 UK universities (including majority of the Russell Group Universities).

Those are crazy numbers but here’s a list of schools for you to choose from!

5. They will help you submit your university application

Getting through a pile of application documents and making sure nothing is missed out can be a handful for many students. This is where their expertise comes along.

They will help you compile your application and certify your supporting documents (so you don’t need to pay a notary to do it elsewhere – save money again). And when you are accepted into the course, you can also accept the offer at IDP Education office by paying the specified deposit!

6. They can even settle the VISA requirements for you 

This includes making sure you are kept up to date on all the latest information on visa requirements and conditions! Their counselors will also guide you through the application process and help you prepare the necessary documents for your submission and get it right the first time.

7. You can make friends with like-minded individuals who are going to the same school

Before the flight, you will also get to meet individuals who are departing for the same school as you are, and also get to know them better through these pre-departure sessions!

8. Get to know your school before you join it

During these pre-departure sessions, you will also receive information regarding the student life in your new country, how you can adapt to their culture and also how to deal with homesickness if you ever do encounter it!

9. You can even “experience” how it’s like to be at your dream school before enrolling in it 

During IDP education fair, you will receive free VR headsets for you to experience how it’s like to be in your dream school before entering it! Sounds good, huh? 

For more information on whether you are eligible for the foundation course or how you can apply for it, you can also visit the IDP Largest Overseas University Expo on 11th and 12th March 2017 at Orchard Hotel, 11am – 4:30pm! There will be educators and advisors there who would advise you on how to apply for the foundation course! They will also be more than willing to answer your queries!

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This article was first published on and written in collaboration with IDP Singapore

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