Frustrated Auntie Shakes 200kg Claw Machine Until Stuffed Toy Drops Out


Have you ever been so very frustrated that you wanted to punch something?

Punching a pillow may help you vent your anger safely.

But one angsty aunty did much more than that: she shook a 200kg claw machine.

At Bear Claw Taiwan Arcade in Basement 1 of Lucky Plaza, one determined Singaporean ‘Auntie’ literally took things into her own hands. She started shaking a 200kg UFO catching machine just for a little stuffed toy that got stuck.

And she had not even put in the one-dollar coin yet.

Here’s the kicker: everything was caught on tape. You can view footage of the ‘moving’ incident on the AsiaOne website.

Series of Events

Anonymous, the owner of the machine and the contributor of the video, shared the entire episode with AsiaOne:

  • Anonymous saw that the machine was in a mess and that all the hanging toys had fallen down
  • Anonymous checked the video footage
  • On 7 October 2019, at 7.30am, the lady entered, played with some other machines, and then walked over to the said machine
  • She started shaking the machine without inserting any token
  • She inserted her $1 token only when a stuffed bear dropped from her shaking
  • She tried catching the toy again but couldn’t, so she shook the machine again

However, Anonymous had really good intentions for sharing the video on stomp: Her purpose was to warn others of the danger of shaking a two-metre tall, 200kg UFO catching machine.

In a statement, Anonymous said, “The machines are very heavy, and thus, extremely dangerous if they fall on anyone.

“We have had customers whose toys got stuck at the machine’s claw. They called us and we gave them the toys willingly. There was no need to shake the machine at all.”

Not a single negative word about the she-hulk auntie. This person must be really someone positive. I would have been tempted to shake the Auntie who shook my machine.


Safety First Please

In our haste to catch the bus, or in this case, to get the “prize”, we forget the huge risk we’re putting ourselves in.

Sometimes it’s really not worth it. For example, a jaywalker was sent flying when a car hit him.

It’s better late than never and being too careless can cause the loss of lives, the most precious thing of all.