HDB Flat in Tampines Caught Fire After Siblings in Their Twenties Tried to Fry Nuggets

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Turning frozen food into edibles is one of the most important, and some may even say easiest, survival skills one could have, alongside knowing how to cook rice with a rice cooker, how to cook instant noodles, and how to fry an egg.

This especially rings true when you are in your twenties.

However, a pair of sibling’s nugget-frying attempt went from 0 to 60 when all they were expecting to get is a tasty lunch but they ended up with a charred kitchen and very, very angry parents.

Thankfully, no one was hurt… besides the victims’ wallets, of course.

Cooking isn’t for Everyone It Seems

The siblings, both in their twenties, were home alone in a 10th-floor unit at Block 813, Tampines Street 81 on Friday as their parents were out.

Feeling hungry, the brother decided to whip up a batch of nuggets for himself and his younger sister for lunch, while the sister remained in her room.

However, the unmistakable smell of charred nuggets brought the sister out of her room to investigate.

To her shock, she swiftly realized that the pan the brother is using to fry the nuggets is on fire.

Thinking quickly on her feet, she turned off the electric stove and, together with her brother, tried to smother the flames with thick blankets and clothes, presumably from the nearby laundry basket.

Initially, they managed to put out the fire, but unfortunately, because of the intense heat, the nearby plastic rack started to melt and this ignited another flame.

This time a much bigger and hungrier one.

With the situation spiralling out of their control, they dashed out of the house and called the SCDF for help.

Within a short 10 minutes, both the police and the SCDF arrived to the rescue and the fire is promptly extinguished.

One Fiery Nugget-Frying Attempt Later…

According to the sister, the 2-year-old electric stove has malfunctioned during the incident, causing the initial fire.

Based on what the salesperson said back then, she said, the stove has an automatic turn-off switch that will kick in whenever the heat reaches a certain maximum limit, hence, the stove is supposed to be the much safer option.

However, when the frying pan is literally on fire, the electric stove is still on, feeding the flames until the sister turned the stove off.


Due to the extent of the damage, which includes half of the kitchen and part of the washing machine, the sister estimates cost of the repairs to be around S$10,000.

Those are the most expensive nuggets in the world.

Featured Image: Google Maps

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