There’s a Game Whereby You Play As a SafeEntry Ambassador in S’pore

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For months, we have been condemning the seeming ineffectiveness and incompetency of our own SafeEntry Ambassadors.

“Take so long to let us through, can do your job properly or not?”

“Walao so slow, my grandma could have run 48 miles in the time you took sia.”

“Stare what stare, want fight ah?”

But the question begets: Are they really as incompetent as we may perceive, or is it just an occupational hazard?

Well, I guess it’s time to find out…

The virtual way.

There’s a Game Whereby You Play As a SafeEntry Ambassador

Yes folks, there’s a game whereby you play as a SafeEntry Ambassador…

And it’s dope.

Touted as a “modern sinkie version” of the puzzle simulation game Papers, Please, the game has you playing as an actual SafeEntry Ambassador, who will have to process certain requirements before letting individuals into the mall.

At first glance, two modes appear to be available:


Clicking on either option will bring you through to actual gameplay, with insightful tips guiding you along as you progress.



Boasting a catchy soundtrack that’s not incompatible with the 8-bit era, the game spans multiple stages that are aligned with reality.


For instance, patrons initially only have to clear a temperature check. Subsequently, they will have to display their SafeEntry passes, and had to make sure to have masks on while doing so.

In the latter stages, some would even adorn funny-looking masks in a bid to cheat their way in.

As insinuated, your job’s actually pretty simple. Make sure that the individual complies with all the requirements, and press the ‘A’ button to allow access. On the other hand, ineligible individuals will be given the boot with a tap of the ‘D’ button.

Every rightful entry will reward you with longer survival time and a reduction in queue. Wrongful denials, however, will incite more people to join the queue, thus ensuring a more rapid rate of failing the game.

In this case, losing the game will lead to retrenchment. Or in other words, you will be fired.

The result of consecutive denials after the game starts. Image:

Are you angry at someone now, and can’t get him or her out of your mind? Well, watch this video and you’ll know what to do next:

For so long, we’ve been condoning SafeEntry Ambassadors for barely any plausible reason.

It would be a real slap in the face if we get fired on our jobs, wouldn’t we?


On 9 January, news of the game were shared in a Reddit post.


And it appears that Netizens have lauded the computer game in its entirety.



Though some did bring up the name of the domain – which may be relevant depending on how you look at it.



With that said, you can play the game here.

Have fun!

Featured Image:

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