Garden By The Bay Mid-Autumn Festival 2019 is Super IG-Worthy With a Food Fest Below the Supertrees

Image: Gardens By The Bay

What to do during the Mid-Autumn Festival? Stare at the moon and eat mooncakes? That’s boring, isn’t it?

Gardens by the Bay‘s Mid Autumn Festival 2019 is exactly the type of viewing party that would make you understand why people do boring things like staring at the moon.

It’s not really just about the moon, because just visiting their event page is like Woah.

To show you what I mean,

Mid-Autumn Festival 2019 from 30 Aug to 15 Sep 2019

Image: Gardens by the Bay

In various locations in Gardens, there will be specific attractions that depict stories of heritage and tradition. there’s even said to be the tallest and widest display of floating lanterns stretching 120m.

  • Date: 30 Aug – 15 Sep
  • Time: 7.00pm – 11.00pm
  • Venue: Various locations in Gardens by the Bay

If length isn’t what you’re looking for, then maybe you’ll be interested in a giant one. One that you can walk inside—their very first giant revolving lantern.

Image: Gardens by the Bay

Creepy black silhouettes aside since it’s the 7th month, that’s pretty cool.

But what other goodies for the eyes do they have?

Food Street

Well, we’re Singaporean, so naturally, I started with mooncakes and food for the other attractions.

Image: Gardens by the Bay

Unfortunately, there’s not much information on this except it’s offering Asian delights at the Supertree Grove.

But I did find this image on DarrenBloggie for the festival in 2016…

Image: Darrenbloggie
  • 30 Aug – 15 Sep
  • Mon – Thu: 6.00pm – 10.00pm
    Fri – Sun: 6.00pm – 11.00pm
  • Colonnade

We can probably expect the usual good stuff from food fairs until we get more information.

Why is TikTok so popular? Well, you’ll be surprised to know that it has nothing to do with its cringe content. Here’s the real reason: (Also remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel!)


Image: Gardens by the Bay

Simi lai eh? I’ll be honest and say, I don’t know either!

Supposedly a 30 sqm gallery that’s constructed with 3D-printed steel, and designed by Assistant Professors Carlos Banon and Felix Raspall.

Here’s a post by Prof Carlos Banon on IG:

It’s one of those things that’s cool but you don’t know why it’s cool.

  • 30 Aug – 1 Nov
  • Opposite Bayfront Plaza

Colonnade of Lights

Lanterns, lanterns and more lanterns.

Image: Gardens by the Bay

Lest you forget, lanterns are significant during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Why? I don’t know either!

Wah, then we pay you to write articles for what?

Relax, I did my homework and checked, and I quote Wikipedia: “It is difficult to discern the original purpose of lanterns in connection to the festival, but it is certain that lanterns were not used in conjunction with moon-worship prior to the Tang dynasty.”

But what I do know, is that each of these is painted by people, and it’s going to look amazing.

  • 30 Aug – 15 Sep
  • 7.00pm – 11.00pm
  • Colonnade

And talking about lanterns and things we don’t know…

Lantern Riddles

Image: Gardens by the Bay

It’s a traditional game to write riddles on lanterns and have someone else answer them.

I’m not saying I’ll do this, but someone can ask “what’s the purpose of lanterns in Mid-Autumn Festival here.”
  • 30 Aug – 15 Sep
  • Sun – Thu: 7.30pm – 9.00pm
    Fri & Sat: 7.30pm – 9.30pm
  • Supertree Grove

Mass Lantern Walk

Image: Gardens by the Bay

We’re still on this lantern thing. Enjoy moonlit walking led by an LED Dragon (this pun is straight up stolen from their site). Each participant will get one free LED paper lantern.

  • 14 Sep
  • Lantern Collection: 7.15pm
    Start of Mass Lantern Walk: 7.30pm
  • Meeting point: SG50 Lattice

I’m not sure what kind of dragon, but here’s an example from last year:


Illuminations of Joy

Image: Gardens by the Bay

More lanterns. What makes these special is that they are hand-painted by seniors.

  • 30 Aug – 15 Sep
  • 7.00pm – 11.00pm
  • Supertree Grove

Cultural Performances

Image: Gardens by the Bay

What’s a Chinese festival without some performances? The theme of Legacies 《传承》 is showcased in these performances, which will include innovative interpretations and cross-over performances.

Legacy but new interpretations? Interesting.

  • 30 Aug – 15 Sep (Wednesdays to Sundays)
  • 8.00pm – 8.45pm
  • Supertree Grove

Garden Rhapsody: A Journey through Asia

Image: Gardens by the Bay

Look out for local artists Alemay Fernandez, Dawn Ho, Leandra Lane and Lou Peixin’s rendition of 《夜来香》,《甜蜜蜜》,’Bengawan Solo’, ‘Dayung Sampan’, ‘Sukiyaki’, and ‘Singapura, Oh Singapura’ while walking around the Supertrees.

  • 30 Aug – 15 Sep
  • 7.45pm & 8.45pm
  • Supertree Grove

Planning to go there yet?

If you don’t know what the fuss and significance are about Mid-Autumn Festival beyond mooncakes, this is the place to go.

So, once again, mark one of these days:

Date: 30 Aug – 15 Sep
Time: 7.00pm – 11.00pm
Venue: Various locations in Gardens by the Bay

At worst, there’ll be plenty of IG-worthy pictures to go around.