Gas Stove vs Induction Cooker: Which One is Better? Here’re The Facts


So, I was prancing around Gain City with my friends, looking at furniture and kitchen appliances for my future home when this happened.

(Hey, when you’re at my age, you’ll go shopping for appliances with your friends instead of hanging out at a pub or something)

Out of curiosity, I picked up an induction cooker.

“Dood, should I get a gas stove or an induction cooker?”

My friend, Justin(Eh bodoh, I’m featuring you in an article), turned to me and stared at me with contempt in his eyes. I’ll always remember that look.

It was as if I had eaten the last piece of his chocolate chip cookies(which I did) and used a wild draw 4 card on him during an Uno game.


Anyway, after a long pause, he finally spoke up.

Why Bird Paradise Suddenly Became Singapore’s Yishun:

“Bro, induction cooker so dangerous, use gas better lah! You cannot see the flames you know! Later you burn your hand how?”

My eyes widened, my mind still in shock, processing his words.

Okay, jokes aside, let’s get this out of the way before we start on the topic proper.



1) Safe to touch

An induction cooker uses electromagnetic energy to directly heat your pots and pans. Gas stoves and electric stoves on the other hand, heat things indirectly. In simple England, it’s safe for you to touch an operating induction cooker!

Here, take a look at how induction cooker works if you still require more convincing!

So, if you have young ones at home, induction cookers may be the way to go! After all, no fire means one less reason for a kid to play with a stove!

2) No leak

Secondly, no gas means no leak. You wouldn’t want to come home to this one day, would you?


And even if your house doesn’t burn up, a gas leak is still deadly. I’m sure you’ve seen movies where people tried to commit suicide using a gas stove. Now, imagine if your kid were to fall asleep after playing with a gas stove.

Now that’s something we really should avoid altogether.

3) Magnetic cookware required


Now, time for some negative points. Though, I would still say that this inconvenience is nothing compared to the conveniences induction cookers bring.

Since induction cookers use electromagnetic currents, they would only work if your pots and pans are magnetic. So, a piece of aluminium foil wouldn’t heat up at all!

To know if your pots and pans would work, simply use a piece of magnet to see if they are magnetic!


4) Cost of induction cooker

Well, an induction cooker is definitely more expensive when compared to a gas stove. To be honest, it’s not like they are thousands of dollars apart. I would gladly spend some more money for the overall convenience and safety!



In case you have yet to notice, I support induction cookers(Although I actually use a gas stove at home).

That being said, it’s not like a gas stove is some kind of WMD. I’m pretty sure most of us grew up in a family using gas stoves. At the end of the day, it’s still your responsibility to ensure the safety of your household, no?

Now you’ve become smarter. Remember to check back tomorrow in the Goody Feed app for a new Fact of the Day!