GF Handmade Memory Box for BF But BF Said, ‘This is Useless Rubbish’

You know that feeling when you stand up on your teacher’s desk in the classroom, get your guitar out, and sing a three-minute song to your crush, only to get a puzzled face and the response “Who are you?”

No? Well, one girl from Hong Kong certainly does, except it’s much worse.

6-month anniversary gift

This girl had been in a relationship with her boyfriend for six months and wanted to commemorate the occasion by making a DIY gift for her boyfriend.

The gift was an ‘explosion memory box’. Now, this sounds like something you would give to an enemy, but it’s actually an incredibly sweet gift.

When the gift box is opened, the sides of the box collapse and become one big multi-layered card of photos, stickers, and sweet messages.

Image: ET Today

According to ET Today, making it is a labourious task but the girl was determined to make something memorable for her boyfriend.

You’re probably thinking, “Aww, sho shweet“.

Image: Instagram (memoryboxeg)

Unless you’re her boyfriend.

“Useless rubbish”

When her boyfriend saw her buying all the materials for the gift, he would ask why she liked to buy “garbage” so much.

But romance is not without its obstacles, so the girl persevered and continued making the box, hopeful that her boyfriend would be touched by the present.

She filled the box with photos of their happiest moments, romantic messages, and decorations.

But when she gave it to her boyfriend, he took one look at it and said: “This is useless rubbish”.

Image: Giphy

The girl was shocked, to say the least, and started crying.

Even when she later described how much time and effort she put into the gift for him, her boyfriend remained unmoved and even repeated the sentiment, saying “Well, it really is rubbish. What can I do with it?”

Naturally, the girl was heartbroken. How can someone say something so cruel after all the effort I put into showing appreciation for them?

Her boyfriend certainly takes practicality to a whole new level. I’d hate to ask what he gave her for her birthday. Probably a toaster or a clock.

Facebook post

Wondering if this was a normal reaction or if she was going crazy, the girl shared her experience in a Facebook post.

She said, “Normally, when I make any cards for him he would just ignore it and not even read the messages I’ve written inside unless I open it for him to see. Do you guys think I’m stupid? Spending so much time to make this for him but in the end, he doesn’t even like it. I should’ve just stopped getting gifts for him.”

Some were appalled at her boyfriend’s behaviour while others were unfeeling enough to say she should have given him something he would have liked.

Unless you have a cold, black stone instead of a heart, I’m sure we can all agree that the only thing that’s “useless rubbish” here is her boyfriend.

So, please, take out the trash.

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