Giant Promises Lower Prices That Last

COVID-19 has proven itself a killer, not just to our social lives but our wallets as well.

Thousands have lost their jobs with many more to come, and a Singapore celebrity even has to offer his retirement boat for offshore tours, with himself as a tour guide.

Now, while you can deal without buying 4 cups of bubble tea or six plates of takoyaki on a daily basis, there’s one cost we cannot siam: Daily necessities.

Job or no job, you still got to eat, right?

Well, if you’re feeling stressed out over the lack of zeroes in your bank account and stocks running out in your own home, I’ve got something good for you.

Giant Promises Lower Prices On Daily Essentials

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, some people have been struggling to make ends meet, so Giant is helping by promising this: Lower prices that last for a long, long time.

Which isn’t surprising, really, considering how Giant is all about giving people in Singapore “the freshest food and all the essentials at fantastic value for you and your family”.

“It’s the little things that make a Giant difference.”

In total, they’re pledging S$17 million to reduce the prices of hundreds of daily essentials in Giant stores across Singapore.

The best part? The products aren’t selected because a Giant staff member loves Maggie Mee.

They actually went out to survey customers on what everyday essentials are important to them before making the decision.

Reader Bao: So bubble tea is there?

Erm, no.

And It’ll Last For Months

The entire purpose of Giant Singapore with the price reduction is to help people in Singapore tide through the tough times.

And since the tough times is predicted to last for a long time, Giant Singapore is making a similar promise as well.

This particular initiative isn’t just a mere supermarket promotion.

It’s going to be a long-term price reduction, which will be here today, tomorrow, next week, next month, and even longer.

Image: Gfycat

What Can You Expect?

Alright, so “hundreds of everyday favourite products” can be a bit vague.

Let’s have a sneak peek at what you can enjoy at your nearest Giant when you’re there, shall we?

  • Cabbage Vegetable Cooking Oil 2L ($4.30, price before $5.65)
  • Ibumie Mi Goreng 5packs ($1.80, price before $2.35)
  • Lee Kum Kee Panda Oyster Sauce ($3, price before $3.70)
  • Dove Shower Beauty Nourishing 1L ($5.90, price before $9.70)

We all know daily essentials isn’t equivalent to just non-fresh products; it’s the 21st century, after all.

And it seems Giant understands this as well because they have partnered up with suppliers to offer price reductions on fresh produce, meat and seafood too.

  • Minced Pork ($0.90/100g, price before $1.29)
  • Golden Pomfret (2 for $6, price before 2 for $9)
  • China Fuji Apples (5 for $2.50, price before 5 for $5)
  • Assorted Leafy Vegetables Chye Sim, Kang Kong, Spinach (3 for $2, price before 3 for $2.70)
  • Vannaemei prawns, commonly known as the white prawn ($1/100g, price before: $1.89/100g)

Remember, these are just the tip of the iceberg and there are way more than what we’ve written available there.

In total, hundreds of everyday essentials across a wide variety of categories in Giant have their prices reduced on an average of 20%.

Image: Giant Singapore

You can find out more about the entire range of products here.

Even if you don’t have the time to go to a Giant store nearby, that’s okay, because when we went digging through Giant’s website, the price reductions apply at their online store too.

Image: Giphy

A Better Shopping Experience

If you have a Giant supermarket near you, you might’ve noticed that they’ve changed their signboards.

That’s not the only thing that’s changed.

In the same research that they’ve made to find out what’s important to customers, Giant Singapore also realised that people want a better shopping experience.

We have listened and acted on what our customers have told us on what matters most to them in these tough times – lower prices, better quality fresh food and an improved shopping experience.”

So don’t be surprised if you go to a Giant near your house and realise that it’s brighter, neater and less confusing to navigate.

There are also new zones customers can look forward to:

  • $1 zones for bargain hunters
  • Snack World where you can get all the snacks you need to Netflix at home
  • World of Food where you find carefully-curated international brands
  • Guardian Store-in-Store which has everything you’ll need when it comes to health and beauty.

They’re also focused on bringing in more choices for customers at affordable prices and even launched Meadows, an exclusive brand offering globally sourced high-quality food, with prices that are significantly more affordable than the equivalent brands.

Image: Giphy

Lower Prices That Win Web Game

Life isn’t all fun and games, but sometimes, games are what you need to get through life.

Giant Singapore, other than reducing prices on many products and refreshing their outlets around Singapore, also decided to slip in a web game where you can play for exciting prices.

Play the Giant Lower Prices That Last game and stand to win $100 Giant vouchers if you are the top 3 scorers for each round! Check here to play.

And So, What Are You Waiting For?

No matter whether you decide to shop online or at any Giant store located all around Singapore, this is a chance to survive, or, dare I say, improve the quality of your life, without hurting your wallet.

You can find out where’s the nearest Giant store near you here.

Or, if you’re feeling particularly lazy, you can shop online here.

This article was first published on and written in collaboration with Giant Singapore.