19 Purr-fect Gifts That Will Melt Any Cat Lover’s Heart (2020 Edition)

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Know of a cat lover who simply loves everything about cats? Well, you’re in luck because there’s no need to rack your brain for gift ideas with our long list of paw-some gifts!

From makeup to home décor, these feline-inspired items will be purr-fect for any cat lovers – including yourself!

For the cat-feine addict

1. Cat tea strainer glass bottle

Image: sunshinecity

Help your favourite cat lover colleague start the day right with the cat tea strainer glass bottle! It boasts a super cute design with a cat tail that doubles as a handle and a fish-shaped tea strainer attached to the lid.

We assure you it’d be any cat lover’s cup of tea (pun intended)!

2. Chubby cat coasters

Image: superain.sg

Having a bad day? All you need is one of these adorable chubby cat coasters to lift your spirits! You can also give this as a purr-ty house warming gift or party favour too!

3. Fragrant Kittea loose leaf tea sachets

Image: Kittea

Kittea is a local tea brand that’s inspired by cats. Each tea flavour is named after a particular cat breed such as ragdoll and Siamese.

If these tea sachets don’t make the best gifts for cat lovers, we don’t know what else will! We suggest trying out the Scottish Fold – Scottish Morning Tea Tin which is a way to start your day or as a pick-me-up after a tiring morning!

4. Sakura cat paw mug

Image: welcomebaby.sg

Is your fellow cat lover using an ordinary mug? It’s time to get them to switch it out to this exquisite sakura cat paw mug.

Inspired by Starbuck’s Cat Paw Cup cherry blossom series, this dainty glassware reminds us of the lively springtime with its sakura petal details and pastel pink hues!

For the cat-tivating makeup guru

5. Cats Meow retractable cat paw brush

Image:【Cats Meöw】Makeup Brushes

No cat lover’s makeup collection is complete without the Cats Meow retractable cat paw brush. The soft bristles come in the latest trending red bean hue and have the purr-fect density for buffing foundation and cream products.

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Don’t forget to check out other cat-inspired products from Cats Meow, a Taiwanese makeup brush brand!

6. Cat paw lipstick set

Image: Mia Beauty

Alternatively, the cat paw lipstick set will also make a great gift for a beauty junkie cat lover. The cute paw prints embossed on each lipstick bullets make them almost too pretty to be used!

The set comes with dark red, bright scarlet and rose-toned shades – you’re bound to find one that fits your mood for any day!

7. Perfect Diary 09 cat explorer eyeshadow palette

Image: Perfect Diary Official Shop

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Are you a huge fan of cat-eye makeup looks? Then you’ll need to get your paws on the Perfect Diary 09 Cat Explorer Eyeshadow Palette! It comes with 12 earthy tones that can create a wide variety of wearable looks and will suit all skin tones and eye colours!

8. Etude House lucky together two-tone cheek dome

Image: ETUDE Official Store


We are sure many cat lovers were over the moon when they learnt for the Tom and Jerry collection launched by Etude House. Bring home a piece of your favourite cartoon character by getting the Etude House lucky together two-tone cheek dome in PK002. It features two wearable pink shades for any occasion!

For the homebody cat lover

9. Sparkly cat diamond painting

Image: truman.sg

For the best housewarming gift, get the sparkly cat diamond painting that will look awesome as a home décor!

Diamond painting is becoming a popular new hobby thanks to its easy-to-follow instructions and attractive end result.

But what if your cat lover friend isn’t into DIY art and crafts? Well, we suggest going the extra mile and presenting them a completed masterpiece instead!


10. Geometrical cat tissue box

Living & Baby care Shop

Another great housewarming gift idea is the geometrical cat tissue box. Not only is it functional, but it also doubles as a statement home décor piece to brighten up the house.

It comes in pastel blue and pink so you can pick the one that best suits their home interior theme!

11. Ultrasonic cat humidifier with night light and fan

Image: beautymart123.sg

The ultrasonic cat-shaped humidifier is great for cat lovers who love sleeping with the aircon on. That’s because if replenishes moisture in the air and prevents the aircon from drying out your skin.


Don’t judge the device for its small size – it packs a punch with two spray modes, an additional night light as well as a fan attachment for warmer nights!

12. Lovely cat 4-in-1 cotton bedding set

Image: golddream.sg

It’s hard not to have a good dream when you’re taking a cat nap on this adorable Lovely cat 4-in-1 cotton bedding set!

Decked in adorable monochromatic cat patterns and made from ultra-soft high-quality cotton material, this bedding set is undoubtedly fit for the meow-jesty!

For the fashionista with a cat-titude

13. Cat print reusable fabric mask

Image: polercle.sg


Remind your fellow cat lover to put on a mask when he or she is out an about by gifting a cat print reusable face mask!

It comes with five layers of filter and an extra filter slot in case they prefer to double up on the protection. The ear straps are also adjustable to fit both adults and kids! It’ll make a thoughtful cat-themed gift for your loved ones during this period.

14. Spooky cat onesie



Halloween is approaching and there’s no better costume for a cat lover than this spooky cat onesie (available on PATRIZIA)! Even if you’re not someone who dresses up for Halloween, this onesie will make for a good pyjamas which you can snuggle up in on lazy weekends!

15. Cat paw sling bag

Image: fashionyounglady

A true cat lover fashionista will never fail to sport some cat-inspired fashion details on her trendy outfit. The cat paw sling bag is the perfect accessory to go for when you’re heading out for a fun date!

It boasts a spacious capacity and comes in many colours to match different outfit styles!

16. Snuggly cat ears headband

Image: BIOAQUA Shopping Mall.sg


Keep your hair out of your face with this adorable cat ears headband (available on BIOAQUA Shopping Mall.sg)! We especially adore its soft and endearing design which instantly add points to our otherwise plain outfits!

Plus, it’s made of stretchable fabric to fit all head sizes comfortably.

For the little ailurophile

17. KIDSCRAFTER baby fortune cat romper

Image: KIDSCRAFTER Official Store

Need some baby shower gift ideas? We suggest going for the KIDSCRAFTER baby fortune cat romper to turn the little one into a cat lover!

Both the toddler and cat-loving parents will be delighted by this romper’s unique design. It even comes with intricate pankou (traditional cheongsam knot buttons) to make the young fashionista stand out among the crowd!


18. Cuddly long cat bolster

Image: lontime.sg

Need a cuddle buddy for your little one? End your search with this long cat bolster! They come in different lengths so you’re bound to find one that’s suitable for your child.

And in case you want one for yourself, these long cat bolsters also come in 90cm length for adults!

19. Smoby cat rocker

Image: Smoby Official Store

We understand that there are days were you can’t take your little bub to the playground. Don’t worry, your little cat lover will no longer be throwing a tantrum when he or she gets on the Smoby cat rocker!


This portable cat rocker comes with a child-safe design and does not require any assembly so your little one can be rocking away the moment it arrives at your doorstep!

Purr-obably the best gifts for cat lovers

Have you decided on the purr-fect gift for your fellow cat lover? Regardless of the gift you pick, we’re sure your cat-loving pals will appreciate the thought and effort that goes into it!

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for some actual furry fun, take the day off and pop by a cat café to chill with your furry friends!

This article was first written by Shopee Singapore and repurposed with permission by Goody Feed.