Gillian Chung Divorced After Less Than 2 Years of Marriage; Ex-Husband Claimed She Doesn’t Love Him

Every 90s guy dream girl, Gillian Chung, is officially single once again.

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Married for less than 2 years, her ex-husband, Taiwanese doctor Michael Lai, revealed the reason for their divorce:

“She does not love me.”

He had reportedly confirmed to the media on 8 May 2020 that the pair have signed the divorce papers on 1 Mar 2020.

Problems Since The Beginning

According to Lai, Chung regretted getting married to him shortly after tying the knot in the US in May 2018.

Yes, the lavish wedding that almost “bankrupted him“.

But because she had already signed on to a reality show with him, they carried on with the marriage.

He claimed that he had tried to salvage the marriage and visited to spend time with Chung when she was shooting overseas.

During this time, he said, their relationship got better.

However, it was in February when he visited her in Malaysia that she brought up the topic of divorce.

Gillian Chung’s Response

In contrast to his reveal, Gillian Chung’s respond through her management agency was toned down.

She merely said that the pair still “respect each other” and that it is a “personal matter between Michael and I”.

She also said that she will keep silent on the matter from now on.

 “This is eventually a personal matter between Michael and I, and I will just say that we still respect each other. I don’t want to comment anymore and will not be replying to any further questions on the marriage.”

One of her friends, however, said the marriage failed because Lai was “too immature” and always goes out with internet celebrities.

Rumours Of Their Marriage Failing Has Been Around Since 2019

When you have a handsome doctor and a pretty celebrity in a marriage together, you’d be sure that people will be paying close attention to them.

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Turns out that rumours about their marriage being on the rock has been around for some time.

In May 2019, Gillian Chung took to her Instagram account to put up a series of photos to dispel the rumours about their marriage failing.

She posted a photo of a cake with the words, “Superman, Michael. Happy Birthday”.

In another post, she did a #throwback to their wedding ceremony with the caption: “It’s almost a year. Time flies when one is happy. Hope we can grow old together.”

Her husband had also taken to Instagram to thank his wife for a “great week” and the “pleasant surprise”.

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