Girl Dies From Brain Injury After Mother Hits Her Head For Not Doing Homework Properly

Raising a child is tough, there’s no doubt about it. And there’s probably a long list of things a child could do that would piss you off.

But one woman took it way too far when she hit her daughter’s head for making careless mistakes in her homework.

Now if I started talking about whether physical punishments were acceptable or not, it would probably cause an uproar. Everyone has differing views on that.

One thing that everyone can agree on though is that no child should have to die from it.

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Yes, you read that right.

Girl Dies From Brain Injury After Mother Hits Her Head For Not Doing Homework Properly

A small 8-year-old girl from China died after her mother hit the back of her head. The reason? Apparently, she didn’t do her homework properly.

SETN reported that the girl began feeling dizzy and even vomited. She was then rushed to the hospital that very night. Unfortunately, she succumbed from her injuries.

Girl Was Watching TV While Doing Homework

Apparently, the girl had been watching cartoons on TV while she did her homework.

Unless you happen to be a parent of a baby Einstein, it’s not hard to see why the child had made mistakes in her homework, especially if she was distracted.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened. On impulse, the mother slapped the back of her daughter’s head. However, the girl burst into tears and the mother instantly felt guilty.

To make her daughter feel better, the mother gave her child some pickled chicken feet as a snack so she would stop crying.

It is unclear as to whether the chicken feet stopped her cries.

Daughter Experienced Dizziness & Vomiting

Soon after eating the chicken feet, the 8-year-old started feeling dizzy and began vomiting.

She was rushed to the hospital for urgent treatment, however, she succumbed to her injuries.

At first, the mother thought the pickled chicken feet were to blame and that they had caused her daughter’s death.

To her dismay, the doctors revealed that a cerebral rupture in her brain was what actually caused her death.

In the end, the mother had to accept that the cerebral rupture was caused due to the traumatic injury due to external force applied from her hitting her daughter on the head.

Daughter Had Pre-existing Medical Condition In Brain

I’m not condoning the mother’s actions. It is wrong to hit a child on the head, period.

However, the extent of her injuries and eventual death may not have been entirely her mother’s fault.

For starters, doctors revealed that the daughter had a pre-existing medical condition in her brain called cerebrovascular malformation. This causes malformation in the arteries and veins.

The mother’s actions might have exacerbated the condition and caused her brain to rupture, leading to her death.

No one can truly imagine the pain of losing a child, what more by their own hands. We hope that she will find peace.


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