Girl Flirted with Guy So Friends Attacked Girl & Even Threatened to Burn Her Face

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Love makes people blind.

It can make you see your boyfriend’s crater face as Young Joon’s perfect looks.

Or it can make you threaten to burn people’s faces.

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Now, before you think I’m trying to emulate my cheesepie lovely boss’s “best-selling local novel for two years” book, this really happened in Singapore.

Just recently, in fact.

It All Started With A Kiss

Sounds familiar?


Except, it’s no Taiwanese drama.

If anything, it’s a Singaporean one.

On 15 Dec 2017, a group of women were partying at Envy Dance Club at Sentosa Gateway. They were:

  • Grace Quek Xin Hui (23)
  • Gina Yeo Kai Ting (21)
  • Tey Shi Hui (22)
  • Ang Pek Ling (20)
  • Jamie Thng Yu Xuan(23)

Yeo complained to the rest of the group that a girl, Terine Ng Qian Hui, was kissing a friend’s boyfriend.

They confronted Miss Ng outside the club but she denied doing it.

But They Went All Out Anyway

The ladies didn’t believe Miss Ng’s denials and assaulted her.

We’ve often waited for tomorrow for a meal with our family. But what if tomorrow never comes? Watch this and you'll understand:

During the beating, Quek held a lighter near her face and threatened to burn her face and hair.

Luckily, Miss Ng managed to escape with the help of a passer-by.

Now, you’ll think, she escaped. End of story.

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Turned To Her Friend

They decided to turn their attention to Miss Petrina Loke Mei Wan.

Miss Loke told the group that she didn’t know where Miss Ng went.

Needless to say, they went all apeshit on her.

Quek, again, held up a lighter and threatened to burn Miss Loke’s face and hair.

Thankfully, the group was stopped once again, this time by a bouncer.


Miss Ng lodged a police report the next day, and she reportedly suffered from many abrasions and bruises.

Gina Yeo Kai Ting, Tey Shi Hui and Ang Pek Ling were given probation.

Jamie Thng Yu Xuan was given reformative training for her part in the crime and additional drug offences.

Grace Quek Xin Hui (aka lighter girl) was convicted of rioting, criminal intimidation and voluntarily causing hurt in court on 5 May 2019.

She was also previously charged with voluntarily causing hurt to another woman in a club back in 2016.

She will be sentenced on 30 May 2019.

A Changed Woman

Quek’s lawyer said that Quek has since changed her lifestyle. She has stopped drinking and got away from negative influences.

He added that she had enrolled in an art school and illustrated in a children’s storybook.

It was also noted that she did not have any prior criminal records.

The judge had called for an assessment to gauge her suitability for probation.

The Smart Clubbing Campaign

Always wondered what an old clubber would look like?

Check her out.

Okay, I’m kidding. I’m not showing you this video to laugh at Phua Chu Kang’s wife. But to tell you that the nightlife scene is getting more dangerous.

The Singapore Police Force launched a “smart clubbing” campaign at nightspots in Singapore last year in Sep 2018.

Staff were trained to look out for drunk customers who were unable to take care of themselves.

They were also taught how to prevent disputes from escalating into violence.

And it’s not just the staff who were affected.

Clubbers will see more posters and noticeboards warning them about common crimes like molest, theft and rioting at the nightspots.

So be a smart clubber. Be Irene Ang.