Girl Receives Huge 3D Gong Cha Bubble Tea Cake On 21st Birthday & Became Viral Overnight

Image: Facebook


Have that one friend who can’t stop talking about bubble tea?

Hey, what do you want to drink later ah?

boba4life18: Regular milk tea from Gong Cha’s pretty good.

I mean, when we get to the pub…

boba4life18: Ohhh, or maybe, ice cream milk tea with pearl?

Yeah, you know how well that conversation went.


If you have a friend like that, this might be a good birthday cake to get them for their birthday.

HUGE 3D Gong Cha Bubble Tea Cake

Just recently, Sheniah Khademi (the birthday girl) shared a photo of her birthday cake on Subtle Asian Traits.


And within 12 hours, it has over 20k reactions and 8.4k comments.

But if you take a look at the cake, you’ll know why that happened.

This is it.

Image: Subtle Asian Traits Facebook Group

A dream come true for bubble tea lovers.

This incident reportedly happened in Australia.

A Last-Minute Thing

According to WorldofBuzz, the entire celebration was a last-minute thing.

The restaurant was only decided upon the day before.

When the group was preparing to leave, her mother came forward with the cake in her hand and an actual cup of boba tea in the other.

Image: WorldofBuzz

A Great Birthday Gift?

Needless to say, everyone was happy, from the cake maker to the person receiving it.

If you have a friend who’s as boba-obsessed as her, why not get together with some friends to make a bubble tea cake for her?

We tried searching online and only found this business making bubble tea cakes.

Not a fan of cakes?

There’s also a shop selling 3D bubble tea nail designs.

The Nailicious, a nail art salon at Far East Plaza recently added bubble tea designs to their nail gel art collection.


They cost from $22 to $25 and gives you your favourite bubble tea cups (complete with foam and boba) in 3D form.

And with that, I’ll leave you with this: May the boba ever be in your favour.

Image: Giphy


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