Girl Suffered Severe Asthma Attack After Vaping & Had To Be Hospitalised

Image: Oh My Media


If you told your grandparents 10 years ago that we’d be smoking what looks like a USB flash drive in the future, they’d probably ask you what a USB flash drive is before smacking you across the face.


E-cigarettes have grown in popularity over the last few years as more and more smokers are choosing them over regular ones.

Smoking pods, or JUULs, have become one of the more popular E-cigarette devices because of its small and discreet design.

Image: Bloomberg (Gabby Jones)

If you get caught by your parents smoking a Juul, you could always say you were just sucking on a USB drive and get weird looks instead of actual punishment.

While some studies suggest that e-cigarettes are safer because they don’t contain tobacco or involve combustion, they can still have negative health effects.

One Malaysian girl found that out when she suffered a severe asthma attack after vaping.

From pod to nebulizer

Oh My Media shared a tweet of one pod smoker who landed in the ER because she had difficulty breathing.

Image: Oh My Media

The tweet translates to “Since it was so much fun vaping on your pod, now you’ll also get to ‘vape’ on something else”.


The tweet referred to to the person’s friend who suffered an asthma attack from vaping.

While it’s not the best idea to criticize someone while they’re using a nebulizer to breathe, the friend may have a point.

Harmful effects

A 2018 study has shown e-cigarette can exacerbate symptoms for those with respiratory problems like asthma. These symptoms can include difficulty breathing, as the pod-smoking girl experienced.

Several netizens echoed this point, with one claiming he had also landed in the hospital due to pod-smoking.

The girl responded to the criticism, claiming that she had had asthma since she was a child and that vaping had nothing to do with her breathing difficulties.

There is a widespread belief that e-cigarettes are harmless, which is why more and more teenagers are smoking e-cigarettes. Some of these teenagers are not even aware that these e-cigarettes contain nicotine.

While they do provide a less dangerous nicotine source, without exposure to tar or most of the poisonous gases in cigarette smoke, chronic e-cigarette use can lead to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. It can also increase heart rate and blood pressure.

Pods or JUULs are more dangerous than most e-cigarettes because they contain more nicotine, sometimes twice as much.

While it may seem appealing to suck on a USB flash drive that has Crème Brûlée-flavoured smoke, it can end with a trip to the emergency room.

E-cigarettes are banned in Singapore, but if a friend manages to sneak one across the border and offers you a taste, you’re better off saying no.

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