Girl’s Head Got Stuck & She Nearly Broke Her Neck After Leaning Over Escalator in Shopping Mall

Image: Daily Mail / YouTube / Shanghaiist

Everything’s so thrilling and fun when you’re a kid, isn’t it?

The world seems so large and full of fun through your tiny eyes, and you just can’t help but want to run everywhere and explore everything with explosive energy.

It’s even more thrilling to run away while your screaming mother chases behind you, threatening to beat you up once she catches you.

Don’t do this, don’t do that, this is a public place and not your playground, she yells.

Ah, good times.

Back then, we’d probably laugh it off and don’t take our parents’ words seriously, then fall down the next moment. That’s when you realise that they’re actually right – it’s kinda dangerous.

There are scarier things that might happen when you play around recklessly in spaces that aren’t for playing in.

Escalator Tragedy

Yep, one of the things kids always do is to play around on escalators, for they’re moving and it’s interesting, just like taking a kiddy ride or even a rollercoaster of sorts.

A video has been going viral online, showing an incident where a little girl got injured while doing just that.

Image: YouTube/Shanghaiist

In a mall in Jiangxi, China, this little girl was going up the escalator while having half her body leaning over the handrail, basically fooling around. She was not with any of her parents and was alone.

The escalator was located in a small space, like in typical departmental stores, where the bottom half of the side of the escalator had nothing beside it. However, next to the upper half of the escalator, there was a wall that supported the floor of the upper level.

You can probably imagine how the situation will go now.

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Her Head Was Stuck

As the escalator ascended, the little girl wasn’t looking out for her own surroundings and her head suddenly got stuck in between the escalator railing and the wall.


OUCH, I can’t even imagine how much that must’ve hurt.

She tried to pull her head out from the small gap while struggling greatly and getting dragged upward by the escalator.

Although there were two passersby beside the little girl on the escalator when the incident happened, they did nothing to help except look on with disgust and quickly climb up the escalator to get off. Seriously?

Thankfully, the escalator ascended into the part beyond the wall where she was able to pull herself free, but her head was as red as a tomato when she emerged. She still could have injured her neck severely for the stunt that she pulled.

You can watch the video for yourself here at your own risk:

Sustained Ear Injuries

According to reports, the girl injured her ears and they were bleeding profusely after she got out of that ordeal.

Image: Daily Mail

She must’ve regretted so much for not listening to her parents and playing recklessly on the escalator. “See la, I told you already!” I can practically hear it coming from her parents.

Hopefully, the little girl won’t sustain too much of a serious injury and has learnt her lesson. Escalators aren’t your playground, kids!