Going Out with Wet Hair Will Make You Sick: Is That True?

Image: Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley / Shutterstock.com

Well, if you want some statistics, here’s one: 40% of people (actually, to be more specific: mothers) believe that going out with wet hair will get you sick. Maybe your parents have said that before. Or maybe your grandparents.

That’s also the reason why girls spend more time preparing to go out, because they need to dry their hair.

Now, how true is that?

About 100 years ago, there was a study that showed that during WWI, soldiers who slept in wet trenches were four times more likely to catch a cold than one who rested in a dry environment. So, does it really mean that wet hair really makes us more likely to catch a cold?

After all, some people believe that a bulk of the heat in our body escapes from the head, so with a wet head, it’s harder to “lose heat”, and therefore making us sick.

Here’s the fact: it doesn’t matter whether you have a dry head or a wet head. If you’re exposed to any virus or bacteria, there’s a chance you’ll catch a cold. The condition of your head makes absolutely no difference at all.

You see, the misconception occurs because of the fact that cold weather is partially responsible for higher chances of catching a cold: during cold weather, a virus can survive longer, and the mucus lining of your nasal passages is dried out, so a virus can get in easier. Having said that, the environment primarily causes the higher chances of getting a cold, and not your head.

You will be able to see that the study about the soldiers in WWI has a condition similar to a cold weather: wet trenches. In addition, for the myth about “losing heat in body”, let’s just say that it’s a completely old wives’ tale: our body loses heat everywhere, and not just from our head.

In other words, you can go out with your hair completely wet. The only thing you’ll catch is scolding from your friends when water drips down from your hair to them.

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