Gong Cha Selling Brown Sugar Boba Soft Serve in Their New Outlet & A Review of It

Image: Facebook (Gong Cha Singapore)

Unlike any other food fad that came and went, bubble tea stayed on, and given that a new shop pops out every now and then, we’re sure even our grandchildren would be addicted to it.

And as per any bubble-tea-related article, we need to show this video to plug our YouTube channel educate you more about bubble tea cuz it’s not exactly the healthiest drink out there:

However, what comes and goes in the bubbleteaverse is the flavour.

When salted egg is popular, there was salted egg bubble tea. When taro is the word of the year, taro-flavoured bubble tea was everywhere.

And now, brown sugar is our bae so every bubble tea chain seemed to have caught the brown sugar fever.

Maybe we’ve misunderstood the message of “avoid white food and go for brown food”, so we avoided normal bubble tea and went for brown sugar bubble tea instead.

But this article won’t have passed my editor’s whip if we’re just writing about yet another brown sugar bubble tea.

Instead, we’re talking about brown sugar soft serve…with bubble tea pearls in it.

Yeah, you’ve seen it right: this high-calorie-never-recommended-by-doctors soft serve is filled with the nature sweetness of brown sugar and the empty calories of Gong Cha’s unique chewy pearls.

Only available in Causeway Point’s Gong Cha, which was just opened recently (not to be confused with the Gong Cha outlet at Woodlands MRT Station), the Brown Sugar Boba Soft Serve is going for a promotional price of $2.50 (U.P. $3.50).

Ah Hock loved Michelle and asked her, ‘Ai stead mai?’ in the 90s. Today, he tried again but would it work? Prepare some tissue paper and watch their love story here:

And I’ve the honour of trying it out yesterday.

Super Sweet, Super Chewy and Super Special

Unlike any Gong Cha outlet, when I was there on a public holiday eve, the Gong Cha outlet, which is located at level two (just in front of Swensen’s), isn’t packed with youngsters queuing up for the diabetes drinks.

In fact, I don’t even need to queue, though the seating area, which has about ten seats or so, was fully taken.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take an image because I used my own money to buy it (that’s how petty I am since my boss’s so stingy), but let’s just say that it looks no different from the online image.

However, for some reason, the soft serve seems to melt a lot faster than any soft serve; I reckon it’s on purpose since the pearls don’t really go well with soft serve. Within a few minutes, I’m looking at a small cup of brown sugar boba tea instead of a soft serve.

The soft serve is sweet: extremely sweet, but somehow it blends very well with the fresh milk. As mentioned earlier, it’s a tad weird to have the soft serve with the pearls, but once the soft serve’s melted, it’d taste like a regular brown sugar boba tea.

While I enjoyed it, I don’t think I can have one more simply because it’s sweetness overloaded.

But would I have it again? Most definitely; though I might reconsider if the price is reverted to $3.50.