Google Flight can find the cheapest flight for you within seconds. You really need to know this.


Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 11:02 am

So you have decided to go on a great escape to somewhere fabulous. It’s time to start planning your trip and the absolutely first thing you have to do (after choosing the destination of course!) is to book flights.

After all, you definitely don’t want to be caught last minute on the loop and purchasing air tickets at sky-high prices. I’m sure you have heard of the latest service Google has rolled out, called Google Flights.

We’re here to let you know how to fully utilized this service so that you can score cheap tickets so that you can use your hard earned money on better things such as shopping or eating on your awesome holiday.

First of all, when planning your trip, it is better to be slightly flexible with the dates as some dates will be cheaper than others. Google Flights work as you would expect its eponymous search engine to work, by allowing you to look for the best flights to your preferred destination. As with most flight planners, you need to select return, one way, multi-city option, the outbound and inbound destination, and dates. Choose also the service class you want such as Business or Economy, the number of people taking the flights and start searching.

Google Flights will display all the different flight possibilities with all the relevant information sorted by price. The price highlighted in green colour is the best price. You cannot book the flight directly from Google Flights, instead you have to go to that particular airline’s booking website to purchase your ticket.

What sets Google Flights apart from other similar flight planners in the market is they will display the cheapest price for the preferred destination but at a different time that you have selected, highlighted in gray.


Another way to play around with Google Flights is if you want to go on a holiday but you are not sure where to go, key in all relevant information but leave out the destination. Google Flights will show a map with red dots labeled Popular Destinations. You can then decide on which destination is most interesting to you and the prices will show up once you have clicked on the destination.

Another great feature Google Flights offers is that you can check price differences from day to day within the number of days you want to go for a trip. What’s great about this service is its flexibility, so you can start organizing your dream holiday now.

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