Govt To Inject S$180m To Top Up Pioneer Generation’s Medisave: 6 Topics S’poreans Talked About Today (12 Jun)

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Do your parents belong to Singapore’s vaunted Pioneer Generation? These are the people who help built Singapore up to the powerhouse it is today.

If they are, we’ve got good news for you! Pioneer generation people can receive up to S$1,250 top up to their MediSave account.

Govt To Inject S$180m To Top Up Pioneer Generation’s Medisave

On 11 Jun, the Ministry of Finance announced that they’ll be injecting S$180 million in MediSave top-ups to people in the Pioneer Generation.

The amount will be dependent on the year you’re born in.

And if you’re wondering if your parents are part of the Pioneer Generation, as long as they’re born on or before 1949, they’re eligible for the package.


So if you’re 84 years old, you’ll get a total of $1,250 injected into your MediSave account. $800 from the Pioneer Generation package plus $450 from the GST Voucher scheme.

Note that the person must be living in an HDB flat and doesn’t own a second property.

Eligible people will get their letters by next week, and the “money” will be credited in July.

But of course, the main problem here isn’t the amount of money in your MediSave account. It’s the withdrawal limit of $200 per year from MediSave.

Like what they say, so what if you have a lot of money on paper, but none in real life?

Well, MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC, Dr Chia, have raised up the issue in parliament so I guess we can only wait and see.


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The SGD$20 Million is Money Well Spent on the US-North Korea Summit

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Americans Trying To Find Out Where Their President Is Right Now

You’d have thought that everyone knew Singapore isn’t part of China. But nope, maybe not.

I mean, people might not even know where Singapore is in the world. Which really brings you back to the days your teacher showed you the world map.


And told you that the red dot was placed there because Singapore is too small to be seen otherwise.

Yesterday, Google search reported a spike in the query, “Where is Singapore”.

Image: Google Trends

And after digging into it, the top searches came from the United States.

Image: Google Trends

Hey, maybe the government knew what they were saying when they said that this is a worthwhile investment in World Peace.

Zooming in on the word investment.

But at the very least, now we know that people won’t be asking if Singapore is part of China anymore.

At least some lah.

N.Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Security, Explained

When you’re the mysterious leader of an equally mysterious country, or just any well-known leader in general, everything about you is interesting.

And Chairman Kim from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is no different.


And Singapore’s national media are going crazy trying to decipher every little detail of Chairman Kim.

Including his travel plans, which were paranoid.

Four different flights, all rumoured to be carrying him, took off from North Korea’s capital Pyongyang and arrived in Singapore.

Up till 2 hours before he landed, nobody knew which flight he was on.

And the reason behind it? It’s rare that Chairman Kim took international trips. In fact, this is his fourth trip out of the country.

The first two were visits to China, and another was a visit to the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ).

Aren’t your proud that the fourth trip is to Singapore?

LTA Revises Private Hire Driver Vocational Tests, 23.9K Drivers Yet To Get License


If you’re a frequent Uber-er before it closed down (you’ll always be missed, Uber), you’d have heard private hire drivers complaining about the Private Hire Vocational License (PDVL) test.

Specifically, how hard it was for some drivers because it’s conducted in English.

Believe it or not, not everyone in Singapore is educated in English, especially considering how young Singapore and our education system is.

As of this moment, 23,900 private hire drivers have not gotten their PDVL, either because they kept failing, or they never went for the training. And by the end of this month (June), they can’t continue to drive as private-hire drivers if they can’t get their license.

The Singapore Taxi Academy (STA) has been holding remedial classes for drivers who failed but said that literacy is a hard problem to solve.

They said that the government should have intervened earlier, by providing progressive training in literacy or career counselling.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has announced that they’ve removed health and terrorism-related questions in the PDVL tests. They got feedback that it was too hard.

However, the topics will remain in the curriculum as drivers need to understand the long-term implication of driving for a long time.

No Sale of Brand New OFO Bikes Despite Viral Flyer

If you’ve seen this flyer anywhere, and you’re interested in getting a brand new bicycle for yourself.


Don’t bother making your way to the sale at Tuas. There won’t be any sale going on.

According to reports, brand new ofo bikes are going to be sold at S$50 each, a close to 30% discount from the original price of S$70.

The bicycles are held at the warehouse of a local logistics company, Bok Seng Group.

A source close to the matter said that this was allegedly a move to downsize ofo’s fleet of bicycles to comply with the new licensing regime by LTA.

Unfortunately, that’s not true.

ofo revealed that they’re in a commercial dispute with a freight forward/logistics provider, and they’re in talks to resolve the matter.

ofo is looking at legal options right now, and said that the actions taken by the freight company are “unduly aggressive”. They added that they’ve agreed to pay the “service fee” for the services provided by the freight company, but did not elaborate more.

Bok Seng Group, which the warehouse belongs to, said that they were not notified of the sale.

This means that the sale won’t be happening.

Singapore Tourism Board Requests For Marina Bay Area To Be Lighted Up Every Night From 10 to 13 June 2018

Singapore is sparing no expenses when it comes to looking our very best for the world. Which is true.

I mean, when you bring your friends over to your home for an afternoon of Monopoly, your mom will toil the night away making everything neat and tidy, right?

So I’ll say I’m not really surprised that the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) made such a request.


To showcase the brilliance of our city skyline, tenants around Marina Bay, where international reporters will be reporting from, are requested to keep their lights on.

So that the backdrop will be beautiful AF.

By the way, this isn’t the first time STB requested for something like this. In other words, it’s not Trump-Kim exclusive.

They did it for F1 races too.


But you got to love how this person put it.


Since we’ve spent S$20 million on the summit, might as well go all the way, right?

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