Grab Driver Claimed to Earn $800 a Day, Has Own Business & an MBA


When you get into a taxi, do you debate whether to engage in banter with your taxi driver? Maybe you’re the silent-ride type, but you’re feeling nice that day, so you decide to indulge in a conversation.

But what do you do when the conversation suddenly becomes a one-man brag show?

He’s Not Like Other Taxi Drivers

One Grab driver is determined to make it known that he’s not like others; he’s superior.

In a Reddit post on r/singapore, a Redditor shared their unusual Grab story:

Image: r/singapore (@jencrs)

In the above post, he shared that he had “missed the last train” because of work and had to settle on Grab to get home.

After getting into the car, the Grab driver then decides to converse with OP, by asking him how much he earned that day after working for 14 hours on a Sunday.

What happened to “Hello”, “How are You?”, “My name is”?

Trying to be nice just in case the day didn’t go well, OP guessed $300. But OP made a rookie mistake; he forgot that the Grab driver is not like the other guys.

The driver proceeded to share the outstanding achievements of his life to let OP know that he is no mortal man.

First, he divulged that he made “$800+, after all incentives, his own car, minus petrol etc”. But this was just a small feat because he “only drives when he’s free”; man has a “business outside as well”.

His other impressive achievements include graduating from NTU and getting an MBA from New York, and having a girlfriend when he was only in Primary 5.


Still determining if the last detail was necessary, but how else will others gonna know that he has mad rizz?

OP asked if anyone “wants an intro” to this hot new bombshell, but the real kicker was that the whole conversation was “more exhausting'” than his work.

Which says a lot.

He concluded the post with whether the driver was actually seeking validation.

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Obviously, no one online was buying into the driver’s facade.

Image: r/singapore (@jencrs)
Image: r/singapore (@jencrs)

Some deduce that the driver wants validation, which he probably couldn’t get from others in his life. Or that maybe he’s just a narcissist.

Image: r/singapore (@jencrs)

In typical internet humour, others had recommended that he should have beaten him at his own game.

Then again, it’s a Reddit post. We don’t know if the story is true or did the driver got out of the car and everyone started clapping.